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Georgia Motorist Arrested for Defending Himself Against BLM Rioters

A motorist who was caught on video pulling a gun on protesters after they attacked his vehicle in downtown Savannah, Georgia, last weekend was charged with aggravated assault while defending himself and his property. 

According to Savannah police, on Saturday, around 25 protesters who were angry about the verdict in the Breonna Taylor case gathered in the downtown area. To show their disdain for the court’s ruling, they decided to lie down in the road – in the middle of an intersection. This illegally blocked traffic in the city around 5:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon. Newsweek actually described the gatherers as “Black Lives Matter protesters” engaged in a “peaceful demonstration”…as they illegally block a road, it seems. 

Cellphone video from those on the scene shows a dark colored pickup truck driving around the protesters to make his way home. According to local police, the driver then tossed a smoke grenade out of his window towards the group.

The “protesters” immediately cleared the roadway and scattered. But then, moments later, many of the BLM members started kicking and throwing objects at the truck.

Once violently attacked, Frederick James, a 34-year-old man from Decatur, GA, opened his driver’s side door and pointed a gun at the BLM members. Again, they all ran away when the motorist gave them some of what they have been dishing out to innocent people for the past six months. Frederick then engaged in arguments with other protesters on the sidewalk nearby. The passenger in the truck, a woman, asked the driver to get back in the truck, and they left the scene.

James was charged with aggravated assault and reckless conduct. Georgia District 4 Alderman Nick Palumbo told local news source WSAV, that the city was working with police to identify protest organizers. Palumbo also noted that there was not a police presence during the demonstration because it was not a legal authorized event because there was not permit requested or issued by the city. In fact, city officials did not know about the protest at all.

On Sunday, when officials did find protest organizer Kate Bender, she told reporters that she and a fellow organizer led a march where around 15 people laid down in the intersection with the intention of doing so for eight minutes and 42 seconds to represent how long former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on George Floyd’s neck. It seems their job is to travel from city to city to wreak havoc and cause destruction.

So, once again, apparently BLM “protesters” are freely allowed to wreak havoc on innocent people, block roads illegally, and have unpermitted demonstrations without punishment, while those who try to protect themselves, their families, and their rights go to jail.

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30 Responses


    1. I believe it became a sad day when idiot democrat governors/mayors decided to let Rioters destroy their city’s businesses. Homes, and people’s lives by having no Police presence to protect private property. When those IDIOT MAYORS decided to DEFUND the one group of people who protect our homes and lives, that is when this defiance and violence began!
      Why do you think these idiot rioters are going these things? Belueve me, it is no longer about Floyd dying but all about chaos and defiance against authority!

      FYI: Who do you think is “PAYING” THESE RIOTERS TO GO FROM CITY TO CITY? Because you do know those demonstrators gone rioters are being paid to do this. Right? Research George Soros and his Open Society crap. He is a billionnaire who is funding the destruction of our American Society and the democrats are just stupid enough not to see what he is doing. But I have researched this snake of a man and he is totally behind what is happening in the U.S.

      RESEARCH GEORGE SOROS, please! You will see the pattern of his evil dirty work. Soros needs to fall in a deep dark well never to be found again– along with his family members.

      Even his birth Country has an Arrest Warrant out for him because of Atrocities against Humanity and he will be immediately arrested if he ever steps foot in Hungary! He is worse than a snake, more like a maggot that eats dead flesh!

      But Soros is driving the CHAOS and lawlessness we are witnessing. His agenda begins with removing the police– sound familiar? It’s his dirty work that we’re watching. Plus, he has strategically supported certain District Attornies in specific cities so he can prosecute any one who fights what he is doing. Sound familiar again? RESEARCH SOROS AND THEN GET ON EVERY BLOG YOU CAN TO EXPOSE THAT MAGGOT! THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO STOP THIS MEGLIOMANIAC FROM DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY!

    2. This will not stop until after the election and President Trump is re-elected. After that he can start cleaning up this country and not have to worry about an election. He will be free to go into these states and arrest these people and charge them under Federal Law so that there is actually a penalty to pay. I think our President has just been waiting for the right time to take care of this problem. We need to get these Liberal Democrats out of power thru out the country but that means we have to make sure that our voices are heard and we need to VOTE. Thank God for our President.

  2. Our Justice system is completely corrupt. This is unacceptable and when the government goes bad, its up to the people to change leadership. We The People need to act!

    1. Do these LEO’s who continue to take orders from corrupt elected officials, are presenting the law abiding citizens with a dilemma. Do I allow radical imported, paid violent protestors to have their way, and the potential I snd my family members could be killed, or do I resist and risk a jail sentence for exercising my right under the 2nd Amendment? Either way I lose. So that being said, should I just go ahead and take whatever means necessary to protect myself, and family and let the law sort it out later. This is why I avoid cities where these anti American paid rioters (I mean protestors ) are able to mix in with the local citizenry, and threaten peoples lives, all the while receiving the rights and priceless intended for law abiding citizens.

  3. Again it is time the freedom loving Americans law abiding Americans to put a stop to all this criminal terrorism in our streets and the district attorneys that are arrested a man for defending his self Must be charged is is time we go Arrest arrest these traders in our law-enforcement this district attorney evidently is a member of BLM that means they are a traitor to the country and I always say no mercy for traders You must be arrested and charged the citizens of this country has rights and the district attorney‘s are runing all over our rights the patriots of this country must start organizing right away because BLM And Antefa and probably a few others have been organizing andthe law enforcement will not protect the citizens then we must defend our selves that means city officials Trampling all over the rights of people to go up and down the road it’s time We let this bail movement people know this is the United States of America and we are tired of criminals running our streets running our governmentAnd running our city municipalities God bless the USA God bless the Trump administration God bless our patriots

  4. so in todays Black Lives Matter America it is no longer permissable to protect ones self or property. Why is it then that it is permissable that BLACK LIVES MATTER
    (SO CALLED) protesters can BREAK THE LAW and destroy property and maim persons of there Choosin?

    1. I so no agree with you and would like to have answers to your question.


  5. It’s only going to get worse for law abiding citizens trying to protect themselves and their property, if Biden/Harris get in office. Vote like your life and your children’s lives depend on it, because it DOES! MAGA/KAG 2020!

  6. What a bunch of BS, these idiots can do what ever they want with no repercussions, and this guy can`t even protect his property, they were beating on his truck with bicycles. He should have blowed their brains out!

  7. I feel it’s time for the true Americans to
    unite together and start protesting in front
    of all the courts. Its not fair to allow one sided criminals to take over our streets and country and allowed to attack innocent victims and destroyed properties.
    We need to Unite and start defending ourselves from these non peaceful BLM criminals who are causing havoc and aren’t being arrested because those stupid District Attorneys aren’t following the rude of Law. We must fight back with all and any means to take back our beautiful nation from these BLM idiots who are nothing but non employe criminals.
    Our Law Enforcement officers can’t effectively do their jobs, because the cuffs were put on them period.
    So my fellow Americans we need to unite and fight back the criminals who have taken over our own neighborhoods.
    This is our great Country, let’s take it back.
    God Bless America the Land of the Free because of the Brave men and women who fought to keep it that way for us.

  8. take away the powers of the Police vote into office corrupt DA’s and you can’t protect yourself or your property as professional protestors travel the country causing mayhem.

  9. One reason to defund the police! If these police officer are NOT going to do the jobs they sworn in to do! Then yes we shall defund the police! Start a new organization that the Mayor has no control over the police. But the citizens do! Can elect nine citizen to control the police department. So if the anything start up they are NOT told to stand aside!

  10. I gust we the people are going to have to do something about it.WLM like when black people went around knocking old white people out. so white started doing the same thing it stoped

  11. Democrates have gone to far , our freedoms is under attack , riot’s looting burnings shootings dishonoring our flags and murals demolish statues , criminal is how you describe the Democratic party . Do you want this for America ? Time to see things for what they really are . The Trump Train is for all , enjoy America again find your smile , it’s not a hateful ride it’s a human dignity ride . We are all-americans blessed , thanks be to God .

  12. Can you even imagine what it will be like if the nitwit Joe Biden wins the election? It will be more than scary, it will be downright disgusting! Vote for Trump for security.

  13. I’m so sick of people glorifying these thugs and vilifying police. George Floyd overdosed. He was NOT murdered. Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend got her killed by shooting at police. These people need to be taken down.


  15. BLM and Antifa sure don’t care about breaking the rule of law, nor do they mind trampling on the rights of others especially those of white people but no one sure as hell better step on their rights!!! There wasn’t nowhere near the violence during the whole civil rights movement back in the 60s. I know, because I was there. BLM is the single most racist movement in history!!! The only reason racism exists today is because idiots are still talking about it!! The idiots still talking about it are also the ones who believe they are entitled to everything for nothing and claim persecution!! I want to know, in what way have they been persecuted? And why do they believe that have the right to persecute others without any consequnces!!!

  16. Only answer to this is “VOTE TRUMP” and Deport G. Soros to stop the lunacy !!!!

  17. The protesters started it by attacking him and his property he ended it. He has every right to self defense go pound sand if anyone thinks differently.

  18. Another vast miscarriage of justice in this DNC/Communist state! Fine, keep it up, morons! The BLM/Antifa rioters that are getting away with burning, looting and even murder have fewer days left than they know! They are digging their own graves with this attack on our country! Believe it! These communist operatives are NOT AMERICANS BUT “ENEMY COMBATANTS”! Remember those two words folks, calm down and THINK! What happens when you, your platform, and the traitorous leaders that let you do you worst, are declared “enemy combatants”? You are no longer considered an American because you turned on your own country to overthrow it! THIS IS WHAT THE DNC/COMMUNIST PARTY FORGETS! You do NOT have the Constitutional Rights that true Americans receive at birth! You do not go to trial in a court of law. You do not get a ‘free’ lawyer. Actually what you get is a JAG officer and a MILITARY TRIBUNAL! Yep! Gitmo awaits every single DNC/communist party operative and all of BLM/Antifa rioters will go down with these traitors. Because that’s what these evil cretins are…TRAITORS TO AMERICA! The reason why they have not been arrested is timing! America needs to SEE WHAT THESE TRAITORS ARE before POTUS can drop the hammer and have them all arrested! POTUS is trying to unite the country, not destroy it by causing riots and maybe even a civil war! He can’t do that until the people are aware of what the DNC/communist party’s true agenda really is all about! Let’s give him a landslide election so the DNC/Communist party traitors can not delay their punishment anymore! THAT’S why it’s taking so long to stop these sickos! America needs to wake up first! Spread the word! TRUMP2020!

  19. This is your democrat liberals that idiots are voting for, with our freedom to prorect taken away with the gutter trash of society running amok.

    If this is going to be the case, and they are going to get slapped with charges anyways they might as well start mowing people down. Until these cities start doing their jobs and arresting the right party which clearly are these protestors people have to start taking control just like the BLM and ANTIFA are. Fight fire with fire. Enough of this BS in our country. It’s old and it’s time to move on.

    These people are not changing people’s minded and the more they keep doing this the more it’s pissing people off and people are standing their ground.

  20. Unfortunately, unless we turn this around in November, we are watching the end of a nation. I give you the end of the Roman empire where the rabble screamed for the release of a criminal, and the crucifixtion of a just man. None of these people whom the rioters are protesting for were innocent. All were common criminals. George Floyd was a drug addict with a rap sheet who just kept using the revolving door of the justice system. Died of drug interaction from fentanyl. .

  21. It’s to bad he did not kill them the way they kill children. Black lice matters are terrorist and I sure hope they don’t stop me with my family in car. I assure you it will be a wall of lead

  22. Only the law matters here. .And after the city is sued for false arrest, officials will be fired,sued and maybe even jailed for their actions.

  23. If Biden and Harris are elected, get used to it, because it will be everywhere, and maybe even, in your neighborhood!
    Victims will get charged for protecting themselves, just like here, and criminals will be set free!

    That was proved in St. Louis with the McCloskey’s, who did nothing but protect their property, and their lives, and now they’re facing years in jail, thanks to Soros’s Paid for Prosecutor, Kim Gardner!

  24. It is a sad day when crumbs are calling the shots and getting away with their hides. If this keeps up after President Trump is relected there will be changes made, big changes, this stupidity will change the color of the left

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