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University of Rhode Island to Remove WWII Murals Due to Lack of “Diversity”

Despite being lauded for saving the world, surviving devastating event after devastating event and enduring for decades, the Greatest Generation is no longer welcome on some college campuses.

This week, the University of Rhode Island became the latest school to demand the removal of a historic statue, mural or portrait. This time, the targets are not slave owners, Confederates, or other questionable historic figures — but those who served in the armed forces during World War II. 

Far from being lost to history, some of these individuals still live today, and their bravery and sacrifice should be applauded, not erased. The University of Rhode Island has other ideas, though, because the murals in question do not depict the “righ”t brave soldiers.

The college took steps to remove two World War II memorials from the school after a wave of student complaints. According to one official, the murals’ lack of diversity was so harmful that “some of our students have even shared with us they didn’t feel comfortable sitting in that space.”

The murals in question are 70 years old, and show soldiers returning from World War II and to the University itself. The murals depict the soldiers as white men — because they largely (but not entirely) were. They were painted by a student in 1950 and modeled after photographs and images shared of soldiers returning from the war at the time.

Painter Art Sherman is now 95-years-old, but recalls the process, which included plenty of input from Rhode Island students. 

“Well, it depicted that era,” Sherman continued. “A lot of students, friends of mine, would come by and say why don’t you do this, why don’t you do that so that’s what I did so everybody chipped in.”

Students today, however, do not feel like the school murals depict the correct balance of individuals, and want them removed. If the University caves to the pressure (as it has indicated it likely will), then the murals will join portraits of George Washington and other presidents, explorers and military figures and be expunged from history. 

Student complaints about artwork are becoming increasingly popular, with some young people unable to bear being in the same room with art they deem unacceptable or not diverse enough. Schools have overwhelmingly complied with student demnands, and Rhode Island is likely to as well. One school official explained the decision.

“I have received complaints about the murals that portray a very homogeneous population predominately the persons painted and depicted on the wall are predominantly white and that does not represent who our institution is today,” he said.

There is no word as to what would take the place of these murals, or how they would be removed or replaced, but the latest announcements from the school seem to indicate they are willing to comply.

Featured Image by Kenneth C. Zirkel

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33 Responses

  1. This crap of trying to make HISTORY go away is insane. What is wrong with these people? If they don’t like it here they should find some other 3rd world s–t hole place to go ruin. I fought for this country. I did not fight so these people can go and destroy it. I am sure the silent majority of We the People are getting pretty tired of their crap and are just about ready to explode on them. I know I am.

  2. Idiots will always be IDIOTS……if it were not for our mostly WHITE military we would all be speaking GERMAN OR JAPANESE. It wasn’t the “WHITE”S” that started WWII anyway….

  3. well I’m sorry folks but I’m OFFENDED by alot that happens. I’m uncomfortable with the lyrics of some of the music, I’m uncomfortable by some of the art that is plastered all over the walls, But I don’t go ranting and raving demanding we tear down. I DEMAND these memorials be put back. Its our history and history is history no matter what you say or do! Maybe if we start speaking up like these idiots do, we can have the same effect they seem to have. I’m tired of keeping silent and allowing them to ruin our wonderful country. I’m no longer remaining silent. We can start a movement also.

  4. Since when do the children dictate to the adults? Here’s a solution for you. I would imagine the University of Rhode Island receives federal money. My taxes and yours. Cut off all federal dollars. You want to go to URI, then you pay for it. Let’s see how that works for both URI and all other so called institutes of higher learning.

  5. Tell these “snowflake” KOOKS to SHOVE it SIDEWAYS – The Memorial STAYS. Too much blood was SHED to protect and DEFEND our FREEDOM and Liberties for these decisions to be taken LIGHTLY. These SELFISH, self serving DECISIONS have GOT to GO. Tell these KOOKS to move to VENEZUELA as a ONE WAY trip. One DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. If those morons had any common sense, they would look back to 1775 and the Rhode Island Militia which was the only colony with a fully integrated fighting force. That means Blacks and Whites stood shoulder to shoulder and fought the “Red Coats” as a single entity.

  7. Why in heavens name would you give in to changing our history and these memorials.
    Theses new so called “WOKE” MOVEMENT. Have no idea what it was that made this country great! They are so self absorbed with themselves and only the WANTABES that they they hang out with they can’t stand to stand up and make a choice because they want tk be political correct. They do not have and original thought and are so afraid to stand alone that they bend and they get screwed.
    They will never be able to remove all of our history because some one somewhere has pictures, Written documents and it has been passed by miuth from generation to generation. Histroy is here to stay. Put that in whatever pi I e yiu use and smoke 🚬 that!!!!!!!!!

  8. If they these morons want diversity where is the diversity in the pictures of the Red Tails Fighter Pilots? Where is the diversity in the all black colleges?

  9. PARENTS pay attention to what your children are learning in school today. You will most likely find that it is different than what you were taught (if your over 50). You need to see that your children get a good education but also watch for what college they want to attend. Don’t send them to a prestige college without checking out if the Professors are TEACHING EDUCATION or TEACHING THEIR POLITICAL BELIEF’S….Some of the colleges that have been referred to as PRESTIGE are the most LIBERAL to be attending (HARVARD, YALE, PRINCETON, and many of the STATE INSTITUTIONS (like U.T. AUSTIN, UCLA, USC, and many more) are LIBERAL to the core and charge COSTLY fees to attend…..

  10. Why not just remove all white service members of World War Two, and use only pretend soldiers of color in pictures of the storming the beaches of Normandy, screw the truth, it does not fix the untrue communist narrative. Let us make racist democrat party minority members in congress happy and their Communist pals happier and give up our history to distort it to fix a wheel barrel load of absolute bull shit. Once they finish their Maoist style cultural revolution and make America a shit whole like in communist countries these pompous asses might be happy. Look minorities are not seen in these images, since they were denied the opportunity to be able to fight along side white soldiers. No one said they did not fight, or contribute, as well as die by the thousands for the USA. However, there is a limit to this bull shit the left is pushing.

  11. These assholes are the enemy and should be treated as such, leaving none behind!

  12. Wow! I’m ashamed of what’s happening in America right now. BLM = Burning, Looting and Murderers. How is taking a beloved icon monument going to change anything? Antifa = Antifactual. Biden has dementia and Harris only got 3% of the vote while running for the office of the President. Harris is now trying to identify as a black using her “proclaimed” heritage to win the black vote. Fake news has twisted everything good that has happened in America, until Covid-19, and tried blaming President Trump for everything, including bad weather. Wake up America, you need to see through the Democratic Swamp’s efforts to turn our democracy into a socialistic ruin. God Bless America.

  13. That’s Ok. The Fed needs to remove all funding from these shitholes out of respect to the families of the military people who gave their life so these pretenders can call themselves ‘American’!

  14. The liberal left started filling out the staffs/faculties of the colleges and universities back 30 to 40 years ago (i.e.; the 70s and 80s). So the people who were taught by those staffs/faculties are now (and have been for 10 to 20 years) in the influential places: such as the staffs and faculties of our elementary and high schools; such as middle and upper management of city, county, state, and federal governments; such as major corporations; etc. So the college kids of today really don’t know any better. They have been taught that “anti-diversity” has always been wrong, morally and culturally. (Well, morally wrong—yes! Culturally wrong—maybe not so much.) So they have been encouraged to correct what they were taught to perceive as past injustices. The have not been taught that those same past injustices can happen again. Maybe not to non-whites, but how about to Muslin, or Roman Catholics, or to people who are severely handy capped. (To change the subject, about: )

  15. My father and uncles fought in ww2. By you pieces of shit. Trying to disrespect them and all other veteransis evil. Don’t. Keep this shit up. You are trying to open a bag of worms that you might regret. If you don’t like this country then get the HELL OUT. YOU ARE THE ENEMY WITH IN.

  16. This goes back to parents not found doing their job. Letting schools and all the rebels making decisions. I am 81 and remember the depression and World War II. We let them take all our junk we didn’t want, make bombs with them and bomb us. My uncle and cousins have fought in the war.
    Then we fall asleep and let China take advantage of us. Obama was a terrible presidential and had a lot of help from George Soros and other.
    Don’t let it get worse by voting for Biden and having Kamala take over a month later. That is the plan!

  17. When did we allow Shavetails dictate what is acceptable in our nation’s history? Their brains haven’t finished cooking yet and yet the liberal professors not only cave in to them, but agree with them! Why are these profs granted tenure, giving them the opportunity to destroy the life’s work of others? My father was part of the Greatest Generation whose sacrifices are now being discounted and even denigrated. Who brought these pukes up? The scary thing is that they are the future leaders of America, unless those who can, stand up on their hind legs and put an end to this insanity.

  18. What a bunch of cry baby [email protected]@Hol$%. There are so many real problems in the world and they are crying about this. Maybe we should bring back the draft and be sure to include all of these wussies….

  19. Yet another confirmation that another institution of higher learning has been infiltrated by individuals who want to erase history. Every member who voted to have this done should be ousted from the school with no pension or severance pay.

  20. If all the donors stop being a donor to these so-called colleges, maybe the colleges will get a hint to stop this shit.

  21. God Help this country if we all give in to these insane
    people(students) who do not know anything about our
    Heros who saved us from communism and Hitler.

    Stop trying to change history, This is the greatest county in the world, and they are fortunate to live here and attend school of their choice. Stand up for our FLAG and the USA If these students are not comfortable in the presence of these monuments tell them to go elsewhere

  22. I agree with all comments above. My father was a World War 2 Veteran.

    Rev. Austin Miles

  23. It’s time for the President to step in and put a stop to this nonsense, if they get tax dollars stop it RITE NOW. Bunch of communists and don’t deserve to even live in this wonderful Country

    1. This is disgusting and disgraceful!! How dare the college students demand that war heroes be taken down. They are immature brats who need to learn their history and to respect their elders, what little minds they have and they need to be put in their place. The college is even more disrespectful and shameful if they do what these brats demand!!!


  25. Was it Mark Twain who said sometime like “when I was 16 my Dad was the dumbest man I ever met, when I turned 20 I was surprised to see how much the old guy and learned in 4 years. Maybe if the students want to show their disrespect for our nation and our heroes, maybe they could just cut off one of their ears, then in 4 years they could look into the mirror and be reminded of how stupid they were when they thought they knew everything.

  26. I thank god i went to College in the 80’s.
    These …so called.. teachers, teaching this shit now, should be fired and jailed for terrorist threats to the country. I would boycott Universities that teach this agenda, dont send your kids to college.
    Unless you want them to become
    Radicalized- Democrat…………..

  27. my uncles faught in both war plus my brother faught in the korean war and we make sure that all our children know about it.and we all teach ithem that it should not be forgoten since we lost family and friends i vietnam ankorea,also from agent orange in desert storm.

    If they dont support the Troops
    ScrewThe University Rhode Island.
    My father faught and died for this country, so you could build your University with FEDERAL FUNDS.

  29. Oh, you poor pathetic babies–you are UNCOMFORTABLE. Grow up! Life is full of uncomfortable situations , deal with it. These men fought and died for this country and most were white, so what! It is very sad to think these young people are our future.

  30. This shows that there’s a near complete last of intelligence among the students at these institutions of “higher” learning.

  31. The president of that university better grow some balls. I am sick and tired of these whimpy people not standing up for what is right. They cave in to anything a group wants or demands. they need to fired that president and hired a new person who is not afraid to stand up and speak the truth.

  32. John E. Owens, The Fed should remove all monies from the states that the tax payers are paying for all the damage that these rioters are doing to towns & cities. Instead they give these people money to clean up the mess that the BLM as well as Antifa have done. These people are being educated in our schools & universities. Where do you think they are getting their ideas from? It’s now required in the elementary schools that something about the BLM is included in the curriculum. These people should realize the consequences of their actions. When the state just comes in & gives money to clean up after these people with federal funds. These thugs, the BLM the Antifa as well as other people that cause problems, they could care less. These people should be arrested & fined for the damage that they have done . When I saw what they did to Kenosha, WI, I could have cried. I’m familiar with that town & they these thugs totally destroyed the town..

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