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Kamala Harris is Betting Her ENTIRE Campaign on Impeachment

As many alternative news outlets and even progressive news sites have already noticed, Sen. Kamala Harris was meant to be the “chosen one”. The fact that she is a woman from a minority ethnicity was meant to go over well with activists who put a premium on gender and skin color. Furthermore, many viewed her as a shrewd politician who would be more than capable of taking on President Trump in the general election.

Unfortunately for the senator from California, her campaign is floundering in more ways than one, and many recent polls put her support in the single digits, far lower than competitors such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg.

Mainstream news outlets, which cannot help but notice that Sen. Harris is slowly becoming less popular with voters, are giving several reasons for her demise. One Democratic strategist is calling for Sen. Harris to begin rolling out big policy positions and proposals.

Such a strategy could work; Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been coming up with all sorts of ways the government can take control of big companies and micromanage the lives of everyday citizens, and her standing in Democrat primary polls has been steadily rising. Others are saying Senator Harris needs to be more provocative while still other so-called experts are calling on her to follow Pete Buttigieg’s example and stay in the media’s spotlight.

Ironically, progressives are blaming Democrat voters for Sen. Harris’ poor polling numbers, saying that too many are focused on “electability” rather than being willing to take a chance on a candidate that truly inspires them. In other words, it’s the voters’ fault that Sen. Harris’ campaign isn’t going so well.

Not a single analyst seems to have considered the possibility that Sen. Harris is doing poorly because a large portion of her own party simply doesn’t like her. It’s not hard to see why she has failed to generate enthusiasm with voters throughout the United States when one considers the senator’s record. She failed to investigate a large corporation that was allegedly ripping off numerous Hispanics in her own home state. Later on, it emerged that Sen. Harris’ husband worked for a law firm that represented the company in question. As Attorney General of California, Kamala Harris had a far from progressive record, and she has never apologized to those who have felt offended because of it. At the same time, the senator’s stance on issues such as reparations for slavery and Medicare for all make her far too left-wing for moderate voters.

Sen. Harris’ response to her sagging support has been to use Attorney General William Barr’s Senate Judiciary Hearing to make herself look like a tough, cutting edge lawyer who knows how to expose “wrongdoing”. She wasn’t alone in brazenly politicizing the hearing as Sen. Cory Booker and Sen. Amy Klobuchar did the exact same thing. While Sen. Harris was undoubtedly wittier than her competitors for the Democrat nomination, it remains to be seen if her stunt will boost her campaign. Even many Democrat voters are sick and tired of hearing about so-called Russian involvement in the 2016 election; instead, they would like to see the party focus on the daily concerns of regular citizens. Healthcare, immigration, education and the economy are far more important to most Americans than a partisan investigation with dubious credibility.

The Democratic primary election doesn’t start until next year, so there is time for candidates who are doing poorly in the polls to improve their standing. However, at present it’s not hard for anyone to see that there is a very good possibility that Sen. Kamala Harris will not be the nominee. Her failure to appeal to either side of the divided Democratic Party has allowed others to take her place.

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