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Report: Americans are FLEEING Democrat-Run Cities

Illegal immigrants may be flocking to so-called “sanctuary states,” but taxpayers are moving away from the excessive taxes leveled by Democrats.

The majority of the country has enjoyed unparalleled economic prosperity due to President Donald Trump’s America First policies and the GOP-led tax Cuts and Jobs Act. African-American and Latino-Americans have enjoyed employment and wage growth never experienced before in the nation’s history. Things have improved to such an extent that companies are literally competing for workers. It’s a brave new world, unless you live in a Blue State.

For everyday Americans suffering under Democrat financial mismanagement and grotesquely high taxes, things are bad. The solution for many — particularly tax-targeted wealthy American — has been to relocate to Republican-run states with reasonable and even low taxes. These are the reportedly states worst in terms of combined local and state tax burdens.

  • New York: 12.7 percent
  • Connecticut: 12.6 percent
  • New Jersey: 12.2 percent
  • Illinois: 11.0 percent
  • California and Wisconsin: 11.0 percent

New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey have consistently ranked in the top three since 2005. That’s nearly two decades of oppressive taxation in Democrat-run environments.

It’s also worth noting that these three counties posted the highest property taxation against household income in the nation: Passaic County, New Jersey (8.79 percent), Essex County, New Jersey (8.27 percent), and Union County, New Jersey (8.13 percent).

Democrat politicians in northern states have repeatedly floated propaganda that the cause of citizen migration was based on improved climate. The Northeast has an earned reputation for harsh winters. If that reasoning were true, however, states with the greatest population decreases would include Maine, Alaska, Montana and North Dakota. That simply has not been the case. In fact, the states with the greatest influx of people have a mixed bag of seasonal climates. The top five in 2018 reportedly include:

  • Florida: 118,890
  • Arizona: 98,513
  • North Carolina: 70,628
  • Washington: 61,974
  • Texas: 57,173

By contrast, states suffering a mass exodus tend to mirror those that place a tremendous tax burden on legal residents. These states rank among the top 10 with population loss, excluding illegal immigrants:

  • New York: -167,328
  • Illinois: -144,343
  • California: -137,895
  • New Jersey: 1137,895
  • Massachusetts: -26,734
  • Connecticut: -15,646

In the Top 10 states with population loss in 2018, only two were considered Republican-run, Louisiana and Kansas. There is a strong connection between the failed economic policies of Democrats and people fleeing for financial stability. Despite the obvious correlation, Democrat “leadership” remains determined to embrace illegal immigration and tax working Americans to pay for their welfare.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has decried the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that formed the foundation of the U.S. economic resurgence. In the Empire State, Cuomo has continued to call for even higher taxes while people and businesses leave. The state now faces a $2.3 billion deficit despite being an internationally-recognized leader in wealth and industry.

The far-left Democrat has recently begun speaking out both sides of his mouth. On the one hand, he has been quoted as saying “This is the flip side. Tax the rich, tax the rich, tax the rich. The rich leave, and now what do you do?” Out the other side of his mouth, he pushes that New York is a sanctuary state even though more than 60 percent of immigrants are taking taxpayer-funded welfare money. New York is expected to remain among the worst three states in terms of a tax burden for years to come under Democrat rule.

California is again preparing to double-down on its outrageously high taxes by implementing new hikes. The West Coast state has reportedly been hit by gases prices at the pump of more than $1 to $2 more than other areas.

“We have the highest gas tax in the nation, and the majority party has gone as far as taxing our air,” California State Senate Republican Leader Shannon Grove said. “Now, they are proposing to tax our water, soda, tires, and more. Higher taxes won’t solve California’s affordability and housing problems, and they will only make things worse.”

The “sanctuary state” reportedly spends $15 to $22 billion each year supporting illegal immigrants.

~ Patriotic Freedom Fighter

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