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VIDEO: Trump Has Been Disavowing Racists His Entire Life

It’s perhaps the biggest lie ever told about President Donald Trump by the media: “he refuses to condemn white supremacists!”

Even today, years after every single news outlet in the country ran endless headlines claiming the president referred to white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia as “very fine people” — pundits are doubling down on this narrative. There is no reason to expect them to stop, so we’ll just give you the facts.

Donald Trump has been condemning hate groups and individuals, including Ku Klux Klan “Grand Wizard” David Duke, since long before his foray into politics. Back when Trump was known as a New York City real estate tycoon in the early 90s, he slammed the Reform Party for welcoming Duke — referring to him as a “bigot, a racist, a problem.” That was 17 years ago.

It’s hard to imagine Trump would have been as successful as he was before his first White House run if he really did harbor all of the horrible beliefs the media claims he does. When you run an international real estate enterprise, you have to interact with people of all colors and creeds. You need people from various backgrounds in your immediate circle. This is hard to pull off if you’re a bigot. It’s even harder to get away with when every single financial magazine follows you around all the time.

Remember: Trump was an A-list celebrity long before 2015. He was a household name. He hosted a very popular reality television show. Pundits speculated that he was considering a run for president since the late 1980s. And precisely none of these accusations of white supremacist affiliations appeared until he became a Republican politician.

Isn’t it funny how that works?

Here’s Mark Dice with some very interesting clips from over the years.

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5 Responses

  1. The news media & fake news is a double edge sword ! They tried racist, now white supremacy, 24/7 you know if the news media did this in any other country they would be out of business ASAP !

  2. There is no way to make the left happy. Even if Biden was President they would cut him down. People have become terrible nut cases. There is no hope for our Country anymore!

  3. What is a white supremacist? Is it a white person born with a ‘silver spoon’ in their mouth and has never had to work one day in their life? Is a white person who was born in poverty and worked very hard to raise themselves to a higher standard of living a supremacist? Are the highly paid white actors in Hollywood supremacists? Are they the white men who are paid gigantic sums of money to play baseball, football, basket ball, to box with other rich white men and to hit a golf ball a supremacist? Are the white men on TV white supremacists? Are they the white politicians and judges? But wait! There are men of all colors who are in positions which pay them huge sums of money. Should they be called red, brown and black supremacists? Just can’t figure out who the white supremacists are. Perhaps they are just the white people the media has told us to hate because they have white skin and lots of money.

  4. the news media and democrat party are like small children and need discipline

  5. The racist left and their faithful servant media preach that simply having white skin makes you a supremacist and a racist. It matters not if you work hard to make ends meet. However, anyone who is not white can not possibly be either of these, no matter how well they have it or how much they hate people with white skin. They can yell their hatred and racism from the roof tops and it is just fine. This is typical leftist logic, the double standard at it’s finest.

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