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This Student Was Given 15 Seconds by Teacher to Remove Trump Flag…

A high school teacher in Northern California threatened to kick a student out of a virtual online chemistry class if he did not remove a “Trump 2020” campaign flag he had on his bedroom wall from camera view.

Even though he refused to remove his Trump flag, the 16-year-old Colusa Trump supporter left the Zoom chemistry class before his teacher had the chance to remove him. 

According to his mother, her son was working from his bedroom where the Trump flag had been pinned to the wall for over a year. The incident was caught on video by another student in the online class who took a recording of the virtual classroom, showing the teacher counting to 15…his warning to remove the flag or leave his high school chemistry class. 

“With the distance learning we are all forced to do because of the new color chart, the school district has not addressed the students’ rights in their own home to the teachers or to us as parents,” his mother Tiffany said via email. 

While the parents of the student have no issue with anything their son did, they do however, have growing frustrations about Colusa High School’s policies since the school moved to all-distance learning.

Since the California school district has not announced clear guidelines for distance learning that refer to students’ backgrounds in online classes, Tiffany wants the district to be clearer on their stance. 

When asked for a comment about the situation, a Colusa High School employee referred reporters to the code of conduct for the school. It is noted that requests for comment were not immediately returned from Colusa High School, the Colusa Unified School District (Colusa USD), or the Colusa County Office of Education. 

“The Governing Board believes that free inquiry and exchange of ideas are essential parts of a democratic education,” is what the Colusa Unified School District student handbook says about free speech. “The Board respects students’ rights to express ideas and opinions, take stands on issues, and support causes, even when such speech is controversial or unpopular.” 

In addition, the high school’s policies allow students the right to free speech, which includes allowing them to wear buttons, badgers, and other insignia. The policy does ban the use of fighting words and any “expressions” that are obscene, libelous, or slanderous, though. 

Sounds like the Trump flag falls right into the category of acceptable items to display under their freedom of speech rights, as it simply has a name, year, and a positive saying – “Keep America Great” on it. 

California is still a part of America, yes? What is the problem?

Watch local coverage of the incident below.

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45 Responses

  1. This flag and anything in a home is not anyone’s business, it’s call freedom of expression and speech, now the woke is trying to force there values on what we have in our homes, question what if this was a BLM anything in your home, you know that would be exceptable do not try to convince me any differently!!!!!

    1. Exterminate all the demorat COCKROACHES in our educational system period.

  2. What was this crazy teacher thinking?? It only showed support for the American President of the united state . Something is wrong here .Since when does a school teacher have the right to tell you what you can have or not have in your own house!!! Pants are getting to big for some people .My opinion is put up several more and file a civil suit against that Teacher.After all we do have recognize we do have a leader of the USA show your support!!!!!!!

    1. To bad it wasn’t wise to drop the class! That give the teacher a victory! She or he got a Trump supporter to leave the classroom! What the kids should done was draw a picture of Mickey mouse shooting the middle finger! Then if the teacher wanted to try a second time. Call your LAWYER! MOM SHOULD KNEW THAT WHAT SHE NEEDED TO DO! School don’t CONTROL any students, because IT TAXPAYERS MONEY THAT FUNDS THESE SCHOOL!

  3. The teacher that told a student to remove the Trump flag should have to rescind her request (to put it mildly!)! In a public school, teachers are expected to fulfill their duties but they don’t include telling students who they can relate to or mention unless there is something unacceptable in their desire! The Trump flag is not in that catagory and the teacher was out of line to enforce it! Her liking or disliking of Trump does not prevent others from liking him and she doesn’t have the right to have his flag removed because she dislikes him!

  4. teachers dont have the permision to tell any one who they like that’s why we are a free country she should be told to stay out of politics

  5. Teachers don’t know History!
    Original Article Here

    • Years of preparatory work were spent in misleading and mis-directional propaganda
    • Contested voting results marred the election’s finality and ultimately its dismissal
    • Claims that the poor were going to be disenfranchised of their votes
    • The scheduled voting was extended by two months
    • Division, violence, slander and libel were widespread
    • A delusional/cunning/conniving campaign made unrealistic promises to win the population
    • Anger and mob violence were deliberately stirred against “privilege,” possessions, and status
    • Deceptive claims persuaded the “majority” they were robbed of their electoral victory
    • Inevitable civil war was sparked at the election’s end because Lenin’s group failed to win the majority
    • The dissolution of the old State and a “transformation” of the new system was promised to lead to true socialism but it brought

    The Many Similarities Between the Democrats’ Maneuvers in the 2020 Election and Lenin’s Maneuvers in Russian Election 100 Years Ago
    2020 the “Perfect Storm” facing our Republic— All three branches of our Government are in peril
    Historical Discovery…An election in 1917 forecast the election in 2020! Here are the elements from 103 years ago

    1. Fire the teacher is in the boy house is sign in school said blm

  6. The teacher has committed a Federal FELONY and should be removed from their job. The Felony is punishable by 10 years in jail AND a million dollar Fine!

    IF the school district does not remove the teacher, then under the LAW they are agreeing with the Teacher’s commitment of the Felony and the School Administrators would also be guilty of the Felony! Let them think about that for a moment.

  7. THIS teacher and ANY others that speak to ANY student in this manner should be FIRED IMMEDIATELY!!! WHATEVER “subject” she teaches does NOT include control of someone’s home. If she wants to be that kind of teacher – go to China. Makes one REALLY question WHAT she is teaching, is she teaching REAL subject matter or is she teaching what SHE wants students to know and nothing to do with the REAL subject…she should be OUT of the teaching field…it is NOT an “industry” where she can present what SHE wants to the public…she has a curriculum to teach & should stay within that subject…even if it is history or “current events”…a REAL TEACHER teaches a subject WITHOUT prejudice! One does NOT teach that Albert Einstein was a “quack” because the teacher does not like his hairstyle anymore than she can teach THIS!!! IF SHE is allowed to shove HER political ideals down students’ throat, then THE STUDENTS MUST be allowed to comment in their way to “produce discussion” within academia…LIBERALS ARE ALL FOR SILENCING OPPOSING IDEALS AND DICTATING THEIR OWN SLANTED CONCEPTS! NOT WHAT THE US IS ALL ABOUT!

    1. My question is this: if this is a felony? why is that teacher is still teaching? WHY hasn’t the students parents filed a law suit against the school and teacher?
      Letting the teacher get away with this BS only emboldened the others to try doing worse.
      Parents PROTECT ur children from this abuse.

      1. The teacher is still teaching because it’s ‘California’. Lawsuits can cost a bundle and the school can always ‘drag it out’ and possibly bankrupt individual families who might attempt to sue. ‘If’ an attorney can be found who will do it ‘pro bono’ or will do the ‘only pay if you win’ service, that might work. California has become a socialist state and those working for ‘the state’, such as teachers, are protected and insulated from the rest of the peasants. You will also find that ‘The Bill of Rights’…is void where prohibited by law.

  8. Sounds like a big ole juicy lawsuit to me…his parents should lawyer up and hammer the stupid teacher and school district.

  9. This is why HISTORY OR CIVICS must be taught in our schools, Most Americans graduating high school after 1965 have no idea what happened prior to 1960 or the election of JFK THE FIRST BIG FRAUD OF THIS GENERATION. The start of none education.

  10. Just one more thing the artical said that the teacher she was a he “the teacher counted to 15 his warning, did I Read it wrong? I have seen this artical several times over the last weeks and wondered why nothing is said of the teachers background. AND is he/she still employed?

  11. I’ve always believed that the PURPOSE of EDUCATION is to
    REPLACE AN EMPTY MIND WITH AN OPEN ONE… No teacher should ever project their political position on any student. GET POLITICS OUT OF SCHOOLS… We don’t need to have the teachers of our children programming a bunch of clones indoctrinated into a single political mindset. If we allow this, we will become a communist country… One thought process, one opinion that matters, no exception. SCARY ISN’T IT?

    1. One reason why girls don’t need to be teacher! They don’t have a clue what the constitution says! Just sold their poor soul to the devil! Because they THINK the Democrat party is for girls rights! Apparently they don’t even know what the DEMOCRAT PARTY is! No teacher has any rights outside the classroom! So this liberal thinking teacher who think AMERICA is a DEMOCRAY COUNTRY US DUMB! BECAUSE AMERICA IS NOT A GOVERNMENT CONTROL COUNTRY! THAT WOULD MEAN WE ARE ALREADY UNDER SOCIALISM RULE! WE ARE A REPUBLIC COUNTRY THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE! FREE SPEECH AND PURSUE OF HAPPY LIFE! THAT WHY YOU GET TO VOTE FOR THE PRESIDENT SEAT AND CONGRESS SEAT IN YOUR STATE!

  12. typical nancy pelosi garbage she and the majority of democrats are using hitler’s ideas to to turn the greatest country in the world into what he turned germany into.If they are so concerned about those that expect the goverment to take care of everything for them instead of working for it , why don’t they give them thiei’r money instead of forceing the american taxpayers to support a bunch of idiots and perverts that call us racist but if you call them what they are you’re guilty of a hate crime. hate is an emotion not a crime. why isn;t blm clasified as a hate group lumped with the kkk.

  13. The teacher should not be teaching school. Obviously he needs to go back to school himself. Student was in his home. What Tha. What’s next. Definitely a Democrat. People can make their own choices who they support. That’s why we call this America.

  14. Wonder if the teacher would hav had a problem if it was an Obama flag!
    Is there nothing the Democrats will allow our children 2 express .. luv of God .. luv of country .. respect 4 the President (whether he b Dem or Repub) etc .. other than HATE!! And yu wonder why young people r out in the streets burning .. looting .. killing police etc .. they hav no real direction .. they crave guidance & seemingly hav no other way 2 express it .. w/o idiots like this tearing them down .. 4 Gids sakes .. this young man was showing respect 4 our President & our country!! My red MAGA hat is off 2 him!

  15. If he would had a Obama flag, he would receive straight A’s without being assigned home work. 90% of teachers are Liberal, my daughter is a school teacher and she can’t stand three quarters of the people she works with. The country has some serious issues caused by the worst President in my time…Barrack Obama

  16. That teacher should have known better. She should be “excused” from her job. Just who does she think she is!?. She sounds like those communist in China. The’ve been going house to house telling people to take down their religious pics, statues, etc. Telling them to replace them with a picture of their ruler. If she doesn’t like what she sees in the background then she shouldn’t look at it. It’s NONE of her business anyway. I’d homeschool my children. Believe me it’s worth it. They do better. My child was 2 years ahead of the public school system and you won’t have an invasion of privacy

  17. the teacher should be fired if he /she does not apologize to the student

    1. This teacher has NO business teaching. Her political views should never be part of the cuirriculium. Show her the door, she is bad for America.

  18. When will an educator quit being a propagandist for the radical left. She is trampling the rights of that household and should be held accountable to the fullest degree of the law. The next dunce with a degree may not be so fast to use their mushy brain and stick to the lesson subject.

  19. Fire the teacher now !!!!!
    Please give me her home address so I will get it burned down just like California…

  20. This teacher should be removed immediately. This is still a free country. We do not need educators who believe that they can censor our youths. This should be addressed in colleges also.

  21. Having an opinion about politics is not a good reason for a teacher, any teacher, to remove a student. Politics are opinions and personal feelings! Fire the teacher!

    1. A ‘real’ teacher wouldn’t have given it a second thought and would have continued with the lesson. Political activism has no place in the classroom, whether in school or distance learning. Students across the country, but primarily in lib controlled states, are being robbed of their education by teachers such as this. Of course, though, that’s the plan…corrupt the educational system so people don’t know what’s true in history and worse…never learn to read, write or do math. The worst, though, is students never learn to use their brain when exposed to problem solving(not math)using rational and critical thinking. They are being taught to take everything they are told at face value because ‘that’s’ the way it is. They are not being exposed to debates where ‘both’ sides are represented in an unbiased way, allowing them to make up their ‘own’ mind on issues. The Left can’t have that as it would hinder or even halt their plans for socialism.

  22. I haven’t considered CA as part of the US for many years. There are at least a dozen states, including CA that have strayed to socialist ideologies.
    Everything bad and against American values starts either in CA or NY.

  23. The teacher is a product of indoctrination and is intolerant to anything she doesn’t agree with. She doesn’t understand the concept of FREEDOM! These teachers need a BIG wake up call and they need to stick to the topic they are supposed to be teaching. If a student knows the political views of the teacher that is a bad teacher. And what’s with that dumb ass news reporter wearing a mask standing outside all by herself!?!?! More brainwashing to the public.

  24. That coming from a school with the football team name of (Redskins). Now that’s funny. Look at the school sign.

  25. I dare anyone to tell me what to do with my TRUMP flag!

  26. What a coincidence, liberal teachers believe that they can force their political views on their students, just as socialists, communists, and Marxists do. You hear about this happening all over the USA, but strange that you never hear of a conservative teacher doing this, for conservative teachers seem to believe in our US Constitution and the American way of life of freedom of speech and freedom of religion, as well as all of the other rights listed in our “Bill of Rights”, unlike liberal teachers that force their will on whomever can’t fight back and exercise the rights that all Americans are supposed to have, like our children for example.

  27. This teacher is way out of line. That student was practicing distant learning however his freedom is being infringed upon by a teacher who is against Trump. Too bad. This boy was doing his work and I don’t care if he had Mickey Mouse behind him the teacher has no right to dictate what this boy can do in his own home. Fire the teacher and find one who doesn’t show partiality to the wrong cause.

  28. This teacher, if she has not already been fired…needs to be immediately. She not only had no right to demand that the flag be taken down since it was in his home, but she also threatened to kick the student out of a virtual online chemistry class if he did not remove it and proceeded to start counting to 15 as a threat. It was not the student’s fault that the SCHOOL decided to have virtual classes. One of the other people that wrote a comment was absolutely correct. If she is not terminated, the parents need to file a suit against her and/or the administration. She has no business trying to take away this student’s rights, especially in his own home.

    1. Teacher today are part of the SOCIALISM push by POLITICAN WHO SUPPORT CHINA! They have no clue about what they are teaching. Just as I asked a teacher about common core math. I asked her to explain how is 2+2 =5. She did her best to explain. But still couldn’t prove it! Common CORE MATH is PUTTING OUR CHILDREN BEHIND THE REST OF THE WORLD IN MATH! Only thing is they will NEVER BE SUCCESSFUL IN MATH! TEACHER UNION IS A FAILURE FOR OUR CHILDREN! THERE ARE NO QUALITY TEACHER IN ANY SCHOOL!

  29. Now they want to control what you have in your own home. Wake up America.

  30. Fire all Liberal would be teachers and replace with God fearing, Conservative teachers. Insert the Ten Commandments, have law and order classes to improve relationship between law enforcement and the general, public. All who refuse to acknowledge God, our Vets, our Flag, or our Law Enforcement and Public servants, should be chastised severely. Stand up for God, Country and what is right. Punish those who riot or encourage rioting. Those who finance rioting, looting, etc. should be fined and should serve time. That includes G Soros, and Biden, Harris, Piglosi, and Schumer! We refuse to be a Nation who are Slaves Without Chains.

  31. I would like to see a student have a BLM background for couple of days, see if anything is said, then switch to a TRUMP background and see what is said. That’ll show a bias.

  32. Unfortunate for me, I live in the liberal State of CA. Our governor is a liberal Demoncrat!
    That teacher violated the student’s freedom of speech and should be fired. The family should find a good lawyer. The liberal teachers are ruining our kids with their propaganda.

  33. See how liberalism works , the lowering of standards to pacify all hurts all fields and people in this case teachers and what they teach in school. Similar to gay cards they are the perversion of the civil rights movement! Lowered standards hurts all avenues of human resources as in jobs, . People die from medical fields mistakes, buildings can crumble and kill people as with lowered standards of construction of transportations, education of indoctrination , the qualities of life are lowered when forced to lower standards because on non-compliance or certain people cannot cope as the majority of any People!

  34. Sounds like a MASSIVE lawsuit to me against the SCHOOL and the TEACHER, who should have been FIRED a LONG time ago . . . this is against 1st Amendment RIGHTS. They BOTH should be sued into POVERTY. One DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  35. Is it? Is California an American state? Depressed economy, homeless everywhere! draconian communistic unconstitutional laws? No gatherings, no worship? What about the “defunding” of police and the free reign of criminal “enemy combatants” screaming for the end of our Great American Country? (First order H!+ler made was “defund” the police)! And vicious threats to our President!
    And even the MSM has the GALL to make threats to the rest of the country! To “burn down the system” (Don Lemon quote), if Biden is not elected? IS CALIFORNIA AN AMERICAN STATE? Or is she beaten down, raped and left to bleed, broken now, to the HEEL of the Democratic/Communist Party! And while she bleeds, our poor sister California, the EVIL DNC (and IT’S filthy rich masters), goes to work on another one of our sister states! Just asking if anyone else is thinking this?

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