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3 Questions Chris Wallace Didn’t Ask Joe Biden — And Why

The first presidential debate resembled a UFC cage match with both candidates trading barbs and interruptions. Knowing Joe Biden lacks the mental stamina to go the distance, President Donald Trump took his offense to a steroid-like level. The Obama-era number two appeared dazed a few times during the rancorous exchanges, but managed to avoid a TKO.

President Trump edged out the win as early polls show voters favoring his substantive answers and combative nature. But it may have been moderator Chris Wallace who propped Biden up by not asking the career politician questions that would hurt. 

Here are three examples.

1: Biden Not Asked About Family Profiting From His Office

Wallace was quick to ask Trump about a fake news report that came out of the notoriously unreliable New York Times. The media outlet claims to have illegally taken possession of the president’s tax returns. After stating he paid only $750 in taxes, Wallace pushed the Democrat agenda to have President Trump release his returns. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow already published one return, in which the president paid $38 million, rendering the NY Times report bogus. But he did balance the format by asking Biden about financial corruption. 

A recent Senate investigation revealed that Hunter Biden received a $3.5 million wire transfer to his firm from a Russian billionaire who was married to the mayor of Moscow. The wealthy oligarch received a lucrative contract to build a museum. Wallace failed to highlight Biden family corruption knowing it would expose the Democrat to voters. 

2: Biden Not Asked About His Legislative History On Racism

The moderator weaved in questions about racism in America. The discussion opened with Wallace asking President Trump to support his factually correct claims that his administration has done more for African-Americans that Biden did in 47 years. The president put forward economic data such as the lowest unemployment rate in U.S. history and flipped the script to target Biden’s record of racism. 

Wallace did not call out Biden for his allegiance to members of the Ku Klux Klan while a U.S. senator or the fact he wrote legislation that unfairly increased sentences against Black Americans. Instead, he tossed Biden a softball question about the accidental shooting death of Breonna Taylor. If Biden had been taken to task over segregation and anti-Black laws, voters would have abandoned him. 

3: Moderator Avoided Asking Biden About True Cost of Plans

During the segment on health care, Wallace incorrectly said the president did not have a plan to replace Obamacare. Although the wrongheaded law is still technically on the books, it causes the cost of medications to skyrocket. President Trump has used his authority to force Big Pharma to lower drug prices. While asking a pointed and inaccurate question of the president, Wallace declined to ask Biden about expert cost analysis of his published policy plans. For example, Biden has put forward a “free” college tuition plan that costs taxpayers upwards of $750 billion. His version of Bernie Sanders’ socialized medicine proposal runs over $2.2 trillion. 

After bending the knee to radical liberals, Biden’s version of the Green New Deal comes with a price tag of more than $2 trillion. Adding insult to taxpayer injury, these policies would hurt the economy and Americans would lose jobs. There’s a good reason Wallace didn’t want to throw real numbers at Biden the way he did President Trump. Biden would lose votes if people knew the facts.

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28 Responses

  1. why are they not going after OBAMA? he was head of it all.

    1. It is incredible that a bias hack and three others serve as moderators. wallace has always been a non-trumper, his claims of unbiased dissappear with his snarky comments everytime he talks about or to the President while maintaining kid’s gloves to ALL non trump comments by demonrats who themselves are biased and wallace backs them. AND IT SHOWS! which is more important than “just saying” like pelosi and her snide “I DON’T KNOW for sure” but “some people” say he is, and this article repeats the bias, “steroid-like …” repeating her comments. so dont try and tell us who is biased and who is not. WE ARE NOT STUPID AND CAN SEE WITH OUR OWN EYES WHAT they are doing.

  2. Way past time for COMMUNIST UNDERCOVER DEMOSCUM AMERICAN TRAITOR CHRIS WALLACE to send his resume to CNBC CNN or MSNBC he can join that other TRUMP hating piece of SHIT Shepard Smith. Son of a bitch Chris WALLACE who ever wrote this article is right on point CHRIS is an AMERICAN MEDIA TRAITOR

  3. When you drill one debater and not the other, that is unfair. Asking our President about his taxes and cutting him off in the middle of his statements was unfair. Wallace cut off our President during his response to white supremacists. Not asking tough questions of Biden and taking over for him when he could not answer; was also ridiculous. Also, no moderator should avoid rebuttal. Rebuttal would have prevented the need for interruptions. Chris Wallace planned combativeness and outbursts of interruptions by avoiding rebuttal, a usual debate procedure. It is agreed, that no liberal moderator would have done better, and that is the reason that there should be at least one Conservative to moderate at least one debate. Fire Wallace. He was pathetic as was his obvious bias.

  4. Very unfair questions. Hard on Trump very easy on Biden. Looked like Biden was getting fed the answers as he always looked down with a strained look on his face , then wrote down notes. Why wasn’t he questioned about son Hunter and demanding an answer? To many questions weren’t asked if Biden. I don’t want him to be my President. Terrible moderated.

  5. What are the democratic plans for America? All I have heard is we have a plan, but no one knows what is consist of other than higher taxes, open borders, and allowing the BLM and the Antifa to continue their Terrorist reign on the American citizens. President Trump stated these Terrorists should be arrested and charged, Biden claims they are an ideal and said nothing about stopping them.

    This leads me to believe that no democrat has an answer to any question, as for the new green deal, if there is no fuel (all to removed by the new green deal) then what do the people use to cook, heat, what will the vehicles use including delivery trucks, law enforcement, ambulance and fire departments use when we need help.

    These question put to all democrats still go unanswered, WHY? They have no answers for they do not know. All they want is set America back to the 1700’s. Only this time we will not be allowed to hunt for food.


  6. Only Joe and the democrats get the easy way out so Joe’s can answer questions that pre-determined for him he’s nothing but a wushu washy candidate period.Who couldn’t run a how to make a sandwich

  7. There absolutely should be rebuttal time to respond to obvious false statements.

    Biden threw out inflammatory non truths that had to be exposed.

  8. Chris Wallace was pampering Biden and being totally unfair to President Trump. I realized that Wallace is a DumboRAT and he was letting the world know this. He should be fired from his position with Fox News. We all know that the DumboRATS are planning to turn this country into a communist ran country. We can NOT let this happen.

  9. Chris Wallace is in the back pocket of the Democratic Party.He was paid alot of money to NOT ask these questions knowing that if he did,President Trump would have HAMMERED Biden until he answered them.These questions I would have loved Biden to have been asked and forced to answer.No Liberal member of the media should be allowed to moderate these debates because they are so PRO DEMOCRATIC PARTY and so ANTI TRUMP AND REPUBLICAN PARTY!In other words,they are PRO COMMUNISM AND ANTI AMERICA!ALL LIBERAL MEMBERS OF MEDIA,LIKE ALL ELECTED POLITICIANS,JUDGES,AND JUDGES NOMINATED BY PRESIDENTS WHO ARE DEMOCRATS,SHOULD BE ARRESTED AND CHARGED WITH TREASON!

  10. I stopped watching Trump-hating Chris Wallace a few years ago when it was obvious he was anti-Trump. He should quit Fox and go where he is wanted. He should put himself up for bid where he will become a billionaire and bankrupt the station that wins the auction. I’m also thinking hard of leaving Fox and switching to Newsmax because of the new liberal leaning ancestors of Murdock are working into the programming. I am going to vote early and voting for Trump and all conservatives, even dogcatcher.

  11. I don’t know who it was, but somebody online suggested that each candidate pick their own moderator to question the OTHER candidate. That way, BOTH candidates would be fairly and equally given tough questions.

    I think it’s brilliant.

  12. One big reason Joe was not asked pertinent questions by Chris Wallace is that it would expose the criminal background not only of the Bidens, but, also Chris Wallace and the other journalists that are deeply into corruption, too. My group has extensive research done on all the media and Congress people and know who are criminals, what they did, when and where. None of the media can be trusted. The corruption runs so deeply that it even runs into the Congressmen. They are all in it together. They have to do what they are doing to keep out of trouble and are breaking more laws trying to stay out of the limelight of trouble. We, the people own the Congress, yet most of you do not realize that. We pay them our tax money for a paycheck. They are our employees, yet they do what they want when they want because they want. If you, the public only knew what is really happening, you all would be on Congresses doorstep to take them down. It isn’t only the Democrats even if they are all guilty, it is some of the Republicans, too. It goes beyond that. This involves LGBTQ, the sports industry, corporate heads of many corporations, the actors and producers of the film industry and even Disney and Universal and many more. It is as rampant as the Covid 19. There is a revolution coming that is being planned right now. It will happen not matter who wins the presidency. All people that are against Joe Biden and the Democrats will be murdered. I am not making this up. You all better start preparing now because the revolutionists are planning to come to all suburbia and maim, kill and destroy.

  13. I only wish I could boycott Wallace. I can’t as I quit watching him many years ago when I noticed he was just like his father. He put on sheep’s clothing to hide his libral beliefs.
    I turned on the TV this morning went to take a shower when I got out I heard Wallace’s voice. I ran through the house naked to change channel . Anytime I hear his voice it goes to another channel. Fox I will x you out if you keep foisting this jerk on us. I have already stopped watching fox sports due to BLM activitists on NBA,NFL,NASCAR, MLB. Bad job fox

    1. Let’s not forget to add Bill Gates to the list. He is in cohorts
      with China and the WHO. There was a doctor on Fox News
      that stated that the virus was manufactured in a Chinese
      lab and released so that China could become the world leader.
      So Biden who is friendly with China would jepordize our
      economy. First it will change to digital money system which
      would be what Gates has been waiting for. You are spot on
      Disgusted as the movie industry and sports make big money in China. Trump would be a force against them.

  14. Biden the new Socialist Democratic snake well trained but a loser thinking a man in his position is using yesteryears phrasing “MAN” Like he was still a boogie boy. Would he try this stooges phrasing in meetings with other world powers or some old school jive talk as he looses what ever he was there to keep America in the leaders chair. SAD

  15. Biden was receiving answers to the questions via an ear peice . That is why he refused to let inspectors take place. Wallace is as biased against our President as Chris Como and his brother is.

    Don’t know how Biden and his son flew back from China or Kosovo and didn’t discuss the wonderful one sided multi million dollar deals that his son received from these countries.

  16. Should it be that The President is not be able to be at the next Presidential debate I would suggest it be held between the Vice President, Mike Pence and his challenger Kamala Harris who as a former Prosecutor and still relatively young I think she would have limited knowledge, if any at all, on foreign affairs.

  17. The sad thing is that the left, who are far right, are the ones running things in our country and we need to get the right back in the picture; i.e., There needs to be a balance in this picture!


  19. Mr. Wallace, why did President Trump have to try & get the ever evasive Joe Biden to answer the questions that the American people want to know? Namely, Mr. Biden will you implement the Green New Deal as outlined in the so called “Bernie Sanders Socialist Manifesto” that Mr. Biden supposedly supports, are you for court packing, ending the fillibuster, making DC & Puerto Rico states, doubling down on the failed health plan that is Obama care (I had it & it was the most expensive & the WORST coverage I ever had + think I had 2 plans to choose from…remember how we all ran from Obamacare, amongst other issues, when we voted for Trump in 2016 well, hello, Biden really? Obama’s other half from 2008-2016)

    Mr. Wallace, you sir have lost ALL credibility, for me, as a journalist! You are merely another talking head, a commentator…whatever happened to your duty, as a journalist, to attempt to get all truths out of all persons you interview?
    First, you completely lost all control of the debate. I watched it twice & have concluded that because you did not ask the hard hitting questions of Joe Biden and our President, having to try to do YOUR JOB, had to ask these questions of Biden that the American people want the answers to = the debate went off the rails big time…
    The losers here were Chris Wallace and the American people who did not hear one thing from Joe Biden about what he and his Socialist party want to do to our great country…SAD, it could have been so informative??

  20. The ONLY question UN-ASKED by the moderator that simply had to be asked, was why Obama/Biden provided a $3,700,000.00 Grant to the two WUHAN virology Labs in China where this KungFlu virus began. The research supposedly was to determine if a virus could “transmit between a bat and a human”. The next question, would automatically be WHY ! !
    I guess that question would be asked by the families of the 200,000 dead Americans, but for some reason NO ONE IS ASKING THE RIGHT QUESTIONS ! !

  21. Biden should have been asked about his taxes. And Trump should have reminded Wallass that he gives his salary to charity. Gives his money away and still owes $750.00

  22. Well, all of the moderators are from the NiggeRAT party. Nuff said!

  23. Our demarcation policy are disclosed with all bullshit from the Democratic Party. They have failed to come up with there own plan just what they do not like about what our great president Trump is doing fighting off the Chinese and there lies while funding the demypaelrty. You see they do not want Trump either because they can not pay him off like they did with Biden what a joke he is.

  24. Yeay, It’s time to boycott Fox News, I have for over a year and don’t miss it one bit.,,wake up people Fax is FAKE NEWS

  25. Wallace was colluding with the democrats and he is just another partisan hack disguising himself as a reporter.. Lets face it if Wallace took any pride in his craft as a journalist he would have been waiting impatiently to jump at the chance to ask Biden all of the questions that the trump hating media would not ask . I am old enough to remember when journalists did not care what political party you were from and they would report on their own grandmothers if that is where the truth of the story led them . Shame on you Chris Wallace you not only disgraced yourself and your profession but you let the American voter down by not asking the questions that Biden has been avoiding all along and giving us the chance to hear the answers.

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