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WATCH: The Media’s Coverage of BLM Riots THEN vs. NOW

As we get closer to Election Day, we can’t allow the American people to forget what they’re actually voting for. On one side, we have a president making an honest effort to restore law and order in Democrat-run war zones. On the other, we have a blank slate that will do whatever the far-left wills him to.

If you want to know which way the wind has been blowing, it’s worth looking at how the mainstream media has been covering the nationwide riots staged by political factions like Black Lives Matter and Antifa. As more Americans grow weary of having their cities burn, pundits such as CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon have pulled an about-face on their tone. As they say, the riots are “showing up in the polling.”

Those of us who are more than three months old remember the initial reaction. Protests were “mostly peaceful” — right before violent anarchists smashed windows with bricks, threw rocks at police, and attacked innocent bystanders. Pearl Harbor Day was “mostly peaceful” too — right before Japanese bombers leveled an American air base in Hawaii.

The media has changed its tone for a reason — Americans are sick of this. Many are so sick of it that they might just hand President Donald Trump a second term. Of course, this is what the entire game has been about since the very beginning.

Here’s the DC Shorts with a very helpful montage.

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One Response

  1. I have seen many political protested in my life, but the past protests were over Civil Rights and how Race should be considered to create civil correctness. Today I see lawlessness that has nothing to do with Civil Rights. I see a threat to my personal freedom and every US Citizen’s personal freedom under the possibility of Socialism In America. The political Parties have given the Socialists and the Ideology of Islam a voice and now they have taken over these Parties. Even Republicans are believing the Socialist Rhetoric by donating to Black Lives Matter. People do not seem to understand is that when a Race is used to create Political Gain this is RACISM. When Whites are accused of being Racist this is RACISM. Our US Constitution was meant to be color blind. We , as a nation. have made mistakes; but we have made every effort to correct these mistakes. We even had a Civil War, that killed thousands of White Americans to end slavery. Slavery ended, but this did not end discrimination. A young nation still had much to learn. but we never stopped learning. It took generations before slavery and other in-justness were corrected worldwide. We fought wars in foreign lands to defend the right of every citizen of the world to have their God given rights. Having our rights does not mean we should avoid our laws to achieve civil justice. We must have Rule of Law in America to protect our freedoms. The only reason nations have Rule of Law is to establish law and order. Every US Citizens who is born in America is blessed that they were not born in nations that do not defend their citizens God given rights. Even today, citizens around the globe suffer political abuse of their God given rights. US Citizens take their freedoms for granted. They fact that they can even protest should be telling. I challenge any protester to find a nation that gives it’s citizens the freedom to do anything as long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others. If we applied Rule of Law as we should, these criminals would be behind bars. WHY? They infringed upon the rights of other US Citizens when they Riot, Loot, burn down building, attack innocents and the basic right to live when someone kills someone. Stop and think about this: In the US if you make less than $25,000 a year you are living at a poverty level in America. If you have shelter, water to drink, and food to eat, yet not working, you are considered living in poverty. You can even own a home, own a car, have a big screen TV, and go any where in the US you wish to go and still get government assistance to keep what you have. If this is oppression or a example of RACISM IN AMERICA then I am living in another reality than these protesters. I must have woke up and discovered I am living in a Parallel Universe and real poverty is not having anything US Citizens gets. In other nations people are actually dying for lack of a drink of water and a slice of bread.

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