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Democrat Policies Make California Look Like a Third-World Country

As the November election draws near, voters would be wise to consider how Democrat policies set California on a path of marked decline that mirrors third-world Venezuela. 

The so-called Golden State has enacted a series of socialist and green policies that have produced more than half the nation’s homelessness, widespread poverty, and an inability to keep the power grid operational. These are the benefits of socialism and radical liberalism now embraced by Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris as they make a bid for the White House. 

“Joe Biden is just a Trojan horse for socialism. He is, he’s a Trojan horse. He has no clue, but the people around him are tough, and they’re smart,” President Donald Trump reportedly said. “It will not be him running our country.”

Although many independents might write off such statements as political rhetoric, it’s critical to compare the historical facts. For instance, Hugo Chavez started his socialist revolution in 1992, leading a military coup against the government. That year was the lowest poverty rate Venezuela would experience since. 

By 1999, Chavez and his armed socialists had seized power and driven the poverty rate up to nearly 50 percent. Despite seizing oil production and nationalizing farmlands, socialists squandered resources and Venezuelans have suffered indignant food and good shortages as the country spiraled into squalor. The third-world country recently shuttered its last oil rig. 

Fast forward to modern-day California that enjoys the largest economy of any state in the union. If it were to break off as its own country, California would rank as the world’s fifth-largest economy. 

Yet the country’s wealthiest state also has the greatest rate of homelessness. California reportedly has a disgraceful 151,000 Americans living on the streets. That’s more than New York, Texas, and Florida combined. The state’s increase in poverty also mirrors the rise of liberal extremism in 2016, and the increases in excessively high taxes that came with it. Homelessness in California stands at a 15-year high. 

“Everywhere socialism has been, everywhere it’s been implemented, it’s produced poverty, misery, repression, and despair,” Trump added. “You take a look, no matter where. Yet, there are those trying to implement socialism right here in the United States.”

Adding insult to injury, even those who can afford a roof over the heads cannot keep the lights or air conditioning on. Rolling and sudden blackouts have become commonplace as a result of “green new deal” initiatives. With temperatures topping 100 degrees, the Democrat mayor of Los Angeles called for people to shut off power in the middle of the afternoon. 

“It’s almost 3 p.m. Time to turn off major appliances, set the thermostat to 78 degrees (or use a fan instead), turn off excess lights and unplug any appliances you’re not using,” Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted. 

The Golden State has the highest number of COVID-19 infections in America and faces a budget deficit that reportedly exceeds $54 billion, the worst since the Great Depression. Should Democrats continue to rule West Coast politics, Californians may decide to flee to third-world countries with electricity.

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9 Responses

  1. The voters of NYS, California, Illinoi, Oregon and other places elected non-skilled leaders with no skills at all to run your lives, ignorance pays for them.

  2. One things for shore, Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer, and Sanders have the people running to Texas, Florida and other areas of travel.

  3. CA has liberal Hollywood to blame for all its woes…. they are the main force behind the sorry state of CA today….. even the film industry in CA is funded by CHINA and other countries….. the state should be cut loose from the union and allowed to sail off to oblivion in the Pacific!!!! Very sad for all the ordinary people that have to put up with the restrictions of the liberal government of the state….. the exodus has started!!! I wonder who these Movie Moguls will have working for them!! Probably all the countries south of the border. They can move in there legally if they are no longer part of the USA…. but we must build a border wall between CA and the rest of America…. we don’t need Hollywood and the liberal “snots” running the state…….

    1. I love your comments about California! You know it wasn’t always like this. I was born and raised there many years ago when it was majority Conservative and Democrats were never heard from. Then Governor Brown (the Father of Jerry Brown) took over and things started sliding down hill…and never stopped. There is a caricature of Jerry Brown in Sacramento that looks like a grade school student drew/colored it. It is absolutely UGLY and fits the whole Democrat outlook on life!

      Disgusting beyond words what the dems have done to my birth state. I would spit in their faces if I had the opportunity!! But here is something you probably do NOT know about Calif. The Northern part of California wants to secede from the South.

      We had moved up North and lived their for 5 years. Got to know many different people. The Northerners HATE THE SOUTH, BIG TIME! They do NOT believe in the “Trash” the South does and do not want to be Part of California any more. Every time they put the “Secede” on the ballot, it is defeated by the governing people in the South, aka Los Angeles, Hollyweirds, etc. Those people do NOT want the North to secede because they would lose another section of $$$$! So the stalemate goes on… My guess is if there is ever a Revolution in this Country (don’t laugh, it could be more of a reality than you know), Northern California will make sure that they no longer belong to Southern California. That would be the smartest thing they ever did! Southern California is like a cancer spreading across that state!

      Oh, we don’t live in Calif any more but moved to Arizona where it is more Conservative and has intelligent officials to protect our people! But my kids are still in California and I pray for them to finally get OUT of that state. My son/Family is in the process, but my daughter is still stuck there with work. More prayers for her…soon I hope she will leave!

  4. They REAPED what they have sowed with who they voted into OFFICE . . . This is what happens when Left Wing Democrats (who are WRONG about EVERYTHING) with their INSANELY STUPID and FAILED Socialist/Communist Polices are implemented. WHY aren’t they holding RECALL elections against these FAILED leaders? I guess they like being BURNED out of their homes, RIOTINGS, walking in FECES, out of control HOMELESS situations, etc, etc, etc. It’s time for the people to be FED up, Rise up and THROW OUT these HORRIBLE leaders! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  5. There are none as blind as those who will not see. For years liberals have watched their states deteriorate because of poor management, liberal policies, lax law enforcement and a growing citizenship that craves entitlements. If you don’t want to work, find a tent and the state will feed you and supply your habit. Rich liberals such as the Hollywood elite live luxuriously in their walled and protected enclaves and like the early Romans, throw scraps to the poor via food banks.
    Unfortunately for those elite, time is growing short. America will have an important decision to make on election day. Descend into socialism and increase the tent cities where everyone is equal and the only elites are the leaders and their army of protection as a barricade against the poor. Venezuela is the perfect example of that lifestyle. Or take responsibility and build a better America together as free citizens..Comfortable in the knowledge that with careful managment and wise men/women governing, the Republic will still exist for another two hundred and fifty years.

  6. Even the gov. EPA helped send them into third world status with a zeeka pond built on nearly every street corner. These are nothing more than a breeding ground for mosquitoes that were once non existent in dessert communities. Another of Berry’s failures during his tenure in office to make it more costly for a new business to start up. There are very few regulations that EPA came up with that didn’t create a higher demand for energy and California would expand on it. Now sweat on it.

  7. Let CA and the liberals find out what Venezuela could not ! They can have their homeless, and their depraved way of life.
    You vote for a Democrat and that is what you get.
    Just Like Detroit Michigan with all of their burned out houses, and their vacant factories. No tourist ever goes to Detroit.

  8. California democrats did not win any election in years….i dont know anybody who votes for them. It is all voter fraud. “Alex Padilla was sworn in as California Secretary of State on January 5, 2015. He is committed to modernizing the office, increasing voter registration and participation, and strengthening voting rights.” Illegals can legally obtain a drivers license and once they get it, they are automatically registered to vote. To NOT register, you have to opt out…to opt out is more complicated then registering. One of Padilla’s duties is to make sure that the people who register to vote are here legally. To date, he has not confirmed a single person. Nor will he verify anybody in the future. In 2016, homeland security said that California had at least 10 million illegals. What do you think is here now?

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