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The CDC Just Destroyed the Left’s BIGGEST Claim About the CCP Virus

The U.S. Centers of Disease Control and Prevention has published a new set of data that destroys the left’s biggest claim about the novel coronavirus.

According to the report, just 6 percent of patients that died from COVID-19 suffered from the virus alone. This means that a jaw-dropping 94 percent of those patients had other causes potentially exacerbating coronavirus complications.

Of course, the media’s gatekeepers are putting the lid on this information. Even a cursory Google search will bring up an attempt at redirection from sites like But even then, authors are forced to admit the glaring truth.

Here’s an except from an article titled “CDC Did Not ‘Admit Only 6%’ of Recorded Deaths from COVID-19”:

For the week referenced in the claim, the CDC explained that the chart “shows the types of health conditions and contributing causes mentioned in conjunction with deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned.”

That means that 6% of those who died with COVID-19 through Aug. 15 didn’t have any other reported conditions.

Apparently, the article took issue with President Donald Trump’s claim that the CDC “quietly” updated their data — quite a misleading headline if there ever was one.

So…why is the country still shut down, and why is Nancy Pelosi allowed to get her hair done while everyone else in the country is forced to sit at home for the next foreseeable decade? What happened to “flatten the curve”?

Each and every day, this looks more like a deliberate attempt to tank the economy.

Here’s One America News with more.

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26 Responses

  1. It’s funny. The DemonRATS, and the MSN have been lying about all of this. DemonRAT voters are some of the dumbest people on the planet.

    1. Someone has orchestrated this Pandemic from the start so they could “REDESIGN OUR WORLD” — not just America, but our World Communities. Yes, people have died just like with any Flu, but that is only part of the Pandemic. “FEAR” US WHAT THAT SOMEONE IS USING TO CONTROL PEOPLE, i.e. mandatory mask wearing, social distancing, staying at home. It’s all about “ISOLATION” of humanity so they become depressed, anxiety ridden and will do anything that someone dictates! AND that someone isn”t President Trump, but someone desperate to control the World AND America is blocking their path.


      Research what is actually going on! DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THE MEDIA SAYS — THEY are being controlled by that “Someone” to keep the pandemic hot and virulent. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. Remember: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and YOU HAVE THE POWER TO FIX THIS BY KNOWING WHAT AND WHY THE PANDEMIC IS BEING SHOVED DOWN OUR HEALTHY THROATS!

      FIGHT THIS HYPOCRISY AND DEFEAT that Someone!! By researching this Pandemic, origins,etc., you will find out “WHO” is behind this farce. Then go after them…because they will keep using any disease as a reason to stop our Society from surviving!
      FYI: Denmark & Sweden have NEVER STOPPED their society from functioning and have almost NO COVID PATIENTS! WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU? COVID IS NOT AS CONTAGIOUS AS FAUCI, etc SAYS. IT’S a ruse to keep people from gathering together and discussing — Learning about the real truths.

      Research Americans…you need to know who the real enemy of America is — and it is NOT PRESIDENT TRUMP NOR CONSERVATIVES, BUT THE LIBERAL DEMOCRAT DESTRUCTION PARTY…AND THE “SOMEONE” BEHIND THEM THAT IS ORCHESTRATING THIS FIASCO. It’s all out there on the Web…research so you can help save our Nation from being destroyed…time is “CRITICAL”!

  2. It was obvious from the very beginning that something was really fishy when healthy people were forced to quarantine along with those infected. Under normal circumstances, it’s infected people who must be isolated. There was no need in a lockdown and limitations imposed on people. Measures like washing hands, keeping social distance and wearing masks in crowded place were more than enough to prevent from being infected.
    All that panic and scare was totally unnecessary.

    1. So, who is going to be responsible for all the destruction to our country and citizens ? How can this info be made known to the whole country? Mainstream media won’t show it. I’m praying that all the deceit and evil will be exposed. I guess it started being exposed by the CDC admittance.

  3. Future historians, hopefully not of the Second Civil War, will confirm a meeting that was held in New York in the fall of 2019, in furtherance of the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 and the plans for the New World Order hatched at Davos. In attendance were Soros and Steyer, Gates and Schwab, the Obamas and Clintons, Nancy Antoinette and Chuck You Schumer and representatives of Xi Jinping. A deal was reached to release the virus from the Wuhan biological warfare laboratory funded by the Obama-Biden regime, and send millions of Chinese disease vectors to America to infect us. This was to collapse the American and European stock markets, which Soros had shorted (his specialty). The Chicoms would consolidate their control of Europe and have a free hand in Asia, while the democrats would collapse the economy and demoralize the American people, who were to clamor for socialism and turn to the party of Marx, Mohammed and Mexico as their saviors. It soon became apparent to the discerning, and is now increasingly obvious to everyone, that the fearsome virus was just a flu outbreak, like the ones Obama and Biden had botched in 2009 and 2017, and not as lethal as the Ebola that Obama and Biden finally succeeded in introducing into the United States in 2014. The heat had to be turned up to keep the pot boiling, and that is why the already-arranged and paid-for riots were unleashed. The economy is still not as tanked as they need it to be to accomplish marxist transformation, so we can expect more frightening mendacity about the plandemic, and there will be accelerating violence throughout the election campaign, culminating in a full-scale revolution if the President is re-elected and riots and demonstrations to force the President and Vice President out and get Joe and the Hoe in if the latter are “elected” by fraudulent mail votes. This was a plot from the getgo, following the plan laid out by Fauci soon after the inauguration in 2017.

    1. Beautifully written and I hope that your assumptions are wrong. I am familiar with Davos and would agree that there was a pact in January as China sent the most deligates ever knowing they had a problem as early as November 2019 and said nothing until 12/31/2019. Fauci is scamming the USA like he did in the 80’s with the AIDS vaccines whereas many, tens of thousands, died bebause HE would NOT allow alternate medications to be used. Now, 35 years later, HE is still allowed to get away with his treason.

      All of these riots are a forward look to November 2020 and they are getting the American people ready to accept this anarchy. THIS MUST BE STOPPPED AT ALL COSTS.

  4. We’ve know all along the numbers were being inflated for money. Especially in lib areas.

    1. I’m for Trump, no question. But I’m not following how all of the above mentioned individuals are able to accomplish this virus-scheme all over the world? And, the actual deaths? I could understand the still ongoing fear that should be incheck, by now. And, I understand that Democratic Mayor/ Governors are purposely, holding up economic progress which is very obvious……so I guess time, and our creator, will provide the Solution, soon! Hopefully, common sense will prevail, and the U.S. will conclude the obvious and vote for Trump!

  5. That’s about a hundred pounds they’re trying to stuff in that ten pound sack. Of course he can always call on his best comrade, Putin, to help stuff. Oh I forgot the Head Commie is already stuffing Trump.

    Why worry about the CDC and the virus lies Trump pukes up, He’s going to turn the country over to Putin as soon as Putin recovers from the hysterical hiney hickey attack Trump put on Putin’s tush last week. I hope all the Ruskey loving Republicans are putting on the chapstick and getting in line.

    Trump has been a Russian plant from day one. He couldn’t wait to start feeding Putin Top Secret information, gave it to the Ambassador right in the Oval Office. That is the most disgusting debasement of that storied office ever. Bill Clinton could’ve humped all over that office and never defiled it as much as Trump did in the first week.

    Are we now going to start keeping track of everyone who gets shot to see about comorbidities. Now that would reduce the count of people killed by guns every year. Let’s see, this one had early stage cancer, that one had pneumonia and that one had heavy metal poisoning, lead.

    1. You really need to watch something besides CNN! “Russia Russia Russia” was disproved 2 years ago; now we are at the beginning of the “Russia-DNC-Clinton-Deep State” indictments. Try to keep up, willya? (I typed r e a l l y slow for you – hope it helped!)

      1. Clearly this disease is NOT so deadly, but way too many people of poor health, some of whom also had CoronaVirus, died. The big uproar is an excuse for some lawless elements to gain power over our great country. As former Democrats, my family is now voting 100% for Republicans. Democrats are trying to bring down our democracy so they can take complete control. If they do, you definitely will not like living in the U.S.A., but it will be too late! Our best chance is to stop the “Democrat” fascists now!!!.

    Better Dead Than Red.
    Anyone remember this phrase ?

  7. Yes, and Don’t forget about tainted tests to get desired results. Pencil whipping numbers was just a side show.

  8. this is terribly incorrect thinking, between March 20, 2020 and August 20, 2020 233,000 more people died in this country (U.S.) than would normally be expected to die from all cause s put together. The only difference was covid. A comorabidity of any kind does not negate that covid was the last straw did you in.

  9. Yet when I tried to post this on Facebook, they labeled it as “false information.” Why? Because they’re held by the liberals. Doesn’t Zuckerberg realize that in a Communist country EVERYTHING will be monitored? Or in a Socialist country people will have to give up Facebook because they can’t afford the Internet? These libs better use their brains. Democrats are trying to tell you what to think, say, do, wear, watch, eat, read, listen to, etc. They’re even beating up children now. At what point do people say NO? They allowed them to pull down statues, and that’s where it started. People had better fight back soon.

  10. If the repugs think that they can gloss over the fact that Trump did everything imaginable to defeat any actions to stop or control the spread of the virus in the early days thus allowing it to take a firm hold on the nation they are wrong. The American people know the story and they don’t like it. To this day, Trump has not come up with a plan to combat the virus and he never will. The last piece of lunacy that he suggested was to rely on “herd immunity”. This “theory” says that if enough people get the virus and recover that there will be enough “immune” people out there to choke out the virus. What a wonderful solution to Trump’s intransigence! At that point, he believes, the nation can forget the virus and his role in its proliferation, falsely believing that the more people that get it the better. Does this sound like a great plan to you? Just as a point of reference, the herd immunity would not come into effect until between 60% and 70% of the country got the virus and recovered. With the most optimistic guess of the death rate of 1% and given the size of the population in the US, that would mean the death of 2.3 million people. These are the numbers proposed by the lunatic in the driver’s seat.
    So all you “conservative” zealots, go running around like the proverbial chickens cackling about statues just try not to get upset with traffic due to funeral processions. So are you REALLY that fond of gramma?

  11. We should all be used to false news and false people by now it is nice to actually hear something real. Miles E. Drake what was your source of information.
    Mr. Coffey presidents are not virologists and must respond to threats like this with the advise of bureaucrats. The President was first told this was nothing to worry about. Then he was told by the same people not to close the borders. (he did anyway and was called xenophobic) He was originally told there was a plan and stock piles but went ahead and launched the largest build up since World War II. We will have a vaccine by November. If you would take your head out of your butt you might actually realize the first rate job the president has done. However, that would not go along with the fake news and the fake democrats in this country. Another cop was killed in Cleveland last night. When will this country stop voting for Lyin Hidden Biddens and restore rationality to our great country.

  12. Don’t you just love how many of our governors forced placing COVID patients in nursing homes and ended up killing many many thousands. Where is the justice for those poor souls?? It would seem that this mass hysteria was a big fabricated lie. Of the 320,000,000 citizens in America with some 8,000 actually dying only from COVID, that is like .00025% death rate for our entire population that only had COVID-19 and died. Let’s all burry our heads in the sand and never see the light of day again. Soros, Gates, Clintons and many more are the rotten tomatoes in our country and World. We have to see the light. We have to demand justice for all of those that have died from this imported disease that could have been contained in China as soon as they knew what it was. I am pissed. You all should be pissed. The World should be pissed. Almost unbelievable that such a small group of these terrorists would do this to our population.

  13. Why can you, anyone not help get this blasted throughout the nation. There is a large majority that thought this was political from close after the start. EVERY AMERICAN HAS A RIGHT TO KNOW THE TRUTH. It is past time to get the nation in overdrive back to the top.

  14. This is old news. Let’s move forward and PROSECUTE everyone responsible for this farce!

  15. Congress has got to change and President Trump has to be elected again. Obama was voted as the worst president ever. All the damage people is being done in Democratic cities with leftist politicians in charge. If the people in these cities do not fight back soon the UNITED states of America will be an un-united states of america. The voters have to open there eyes and really look at what the leftists are doing to this beautiful country. The miserable, hateful speaker of the house hates the President and will do anything to get him out of office including selling out her own country. She is an 80 year old lady and should be retired. Her brain like Biden just is not working correctly any more. She has to much power. Open your eyes look around at this beautiful free country you are about to give it all up. Biden is just a stooge the left controls everything he does, and he does not even know it. Power, Power, Power, that is all the democrats want. We had to fight for our freedom before and we can certainly do it again. Vote TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP and we can all breath a sigh of relief.

  16. This is all tailor made to crash AMERICA . They want a civil war. Divide conquer ! Vote !

  17. I seem to live in a nation with two realities. Half the nation is actually conducting business as usual with just a few adjustments of wearing their masks and social distancing and the rest of the nation stays under quarantine by choice while bitching about it. We talk about those who refuse to wear a mask, but based on our US Constitution this is a civil liberty, thus like any freedoms is a matter of choice. Will the nation collapse with or without President Trump? It might allow liberties to be oppressed, but one man does not make a US Constitutional Republic. Let us assume we were to wake up and discovered Trump died in his sleep. Pence would be sworn in as our President and the political game would continue as always. The Democrats would only be hating another Republican President claiming Pence is not their President. Just the names change. Sadly, as those we elect to office play their political game nothing gets done to help those who elected them. If you were to research politic is America you would find this is true, but after Trump’s win, we have seen a shift to the extreme Left, This shift has introduced the nation to the possibility of SOCIALISM IN AMERICA. Since SOCIALISM can NOT function with individual freedoms, this would mean the end to our US Constitutional Republic should the people vote for SOCIALISM IN AMERICA. The power of our vote got Trump elected. This power of our vote can also give the nation SOCIALISM. FREEDOM would just be something we read about in books, provided the Socialists allow us to read about it.

  18. If Trump would just take control and send troops in and clean out the pro-demonstrators.
    This just may show the USA can keep its towns and cities clean of all this trouble makers.
    When we had this kinda of thing in LosAngles in 1962 it was put to a stop when the police was allowed to do their job and they did it. I know I was one of them.

  19. Clearly this disease is NOT so deadly, but way too many people of poor health, some of whom also had CoronaVirus, died. The big uproar is an excuse for some lawless elements to gain power over our great country. As former Democrats, my family is now voting 100% for Republicans. Democrats are trying to bring down our democracy so they can take complete control. If they do, you definitely will not like living in the U.S.A., but it will be too late! Our best chance is to stop the “Democrat” fascists now!!!.

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