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NBC News Wants Government to Go After “Racist” Voters

Liberal pundits are no longer content to just make fun of President Trump’s supporters. Now, they want them disenfranchised.

Progressive hack Noah Berlatsky recently penned a piece published by NBC News stating that the government should go after “racist” voters, and then went on to state that anyone who voted for the current president must have done so based on “racist resentment” because there were no rational reasons to vote for him. 

Mr. Berlatsky’s assertations are absurd on several levels. First of all, there are millions of people who voted for the current president, and many of these people are themselves racial minorities. The last candidate the Democrat Party ran for president was so deeply unpopular, that even many Democrats who supported former President Obama in the previous election voted for President Trump in 2016.

Hillary Clinton’s support for the TPP, her promise to put the coal industry out of work, the many scandals surrounding her tenure in politics, and her general disdain for swing-state voters led many Americans to support her opponent.

Calling every single person who voted for President Trump a “racist” is, quite literally, a gift to Trump. It enables him to paint liberals as out of touch, intolerant people who look down on all those who disagree with them. Everyone who saw the 90-second clip of CNN’s Don Lemon laughing hysterically while his guests blasted Trump supporters as ignorant racists knows what this looks like. Not surpassingly, the Trump campaign used the footage to cut an ad just days later.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the perception of liberal elitism really is helping Trump get re-elected.

Mr. Berlatsky’s “solutions” for identifying racist voters should alarm anyone who cares about personal freedom and First Amendment rights. In a free nation, there is simply no excuse for disenfranchising any law-abiding citizen based on real or imagined “personal beliefs”. After all, if it’s OK to disenfranchise people who may be harboring “racist resentment”, then it should be fine to also disenfranchise people based on their lack of tolerance for the LGBTQ agenda.

People who believe (read: know) that there are only two genders and that marriage should be between one man and one woman would be next on the chopping block. The liberal definition of an “acceptable” voter could then be extended to exclude those who rightly believe that abortion is murder and so support laws curtailing abortion on demand and government sponsorship for murdering innocent lives.

Once liberals have happily stripped every conservative Christian, Jew, and Muslim in the nation of their voting rights, perhaps they’ll go after members of their own party. We’ve already seen this happen after popular podcaster Joe Rogan, who has been critical of the social justice agenda, endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Supporters were immediately called “transphobes” and “sexists” because of the association.

After all, “Bernie Bros”, avid supporters of Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, have been accused of harboring racist motives for supporting the elderly statesman. Should they likewise be stripped of their right to vote? What about Democrat party members who support a male presidential candidate over a female one? Are they sexist? Discriminating on the basis of sex is also “unconstitutional”; maybe these individuals should be disenfranchised as well.

Noah Berlatsky’s op-ed proclaiming that the federal government needs to “do something” about everyone who voted for President Trump is a dangerous call. Ironically, it presents a greater danger to leftists than anyone else.

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