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Adam Schiff’s Witch Hunt Against Trump is Falling Apart

Democrats failed miserably to upend the will of the people and bring down President Donald Trump with their phony Russia witch hunt. Now, they are hiding behind closed doors, huddling in secret, and arm-twisting Deep State operatives to kick up impeachment dirt. Led by California Rep. Adam Schiff, House Democrats are trampling the U.S. Constitution and ignoring due process, all because they lost an election.

Rep. Schiff has earned a reputation for leaking false and misleading information during the Russia hoax. Week after week, the fake news media salivated over every tidbit he threw them. Schiff assured liberal extremists that he, personally, had credible intel that the president was in league with Russia and would be impeached. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When the dust began to settle, everyday Americans learned that Hillary Clinton funded the dossier used to launch the probe. Deep State operatives such as now-disgraced FBI director James Comey acted with malice, and the Department of Justice has now opened a criminal investigation that will bring Democrat bureaucrats to justice. Schiff wants no part of transparency because he knows his impeachment inquiry is another Russia charade.

The closed doors hearing is designed so that Schiff can leak misinformation to a willing liberal and fake news media. His goal appears to be to garner splashy anti-Trump headlines from outlets such as CNN and MSNBC who won’t bother to fact-check anything. House Republicans have begun calling the secret inquisition “Schiff’s Dungeon,” and several dozen stormed the chamber protesting its unconstitutional lack of due process and transparency to the American people.

“We’ve had enough of Adam Schiff running this Soviet-style star chamber, because only in the Soviet Union would you have a process where they are trying to impeach a duly elected president in secret, behind closed doors. You can’t go in, the press can’t go in, and voting members of Congress can’t go in,” House Minority Whip Steve Scalise said. “About 75 percent of the entire Congress, who was duly elected, is not allowed in that room. Yet, (Schiff’s) trying to use whatever he’s producing in there to be the basis to impeach a President of the United States. It’s never been done before, and we shouldn’t stand for it.”

The actions of Schiff and the radicals who have seized control of the Democratic Party demonstrate they are only interested in securing power and maintaining the corruption that has plagued the Washington, D.C. swamp for decades. President Trump’s America First policies have ushered in an economic boom that has uplifted people of all walks of life, not just the political elite. After nearly 50 years of Democrats claiming they were fighting for minorities, President Trump dramatically improved opportunity in under two years.

Democrats relied on business-as-usual to import cheap illegal immigrant labor for California corporations, and made bad trade deals they got paid off on the back end. One need only look at the Obama-Biden administration to see the payoffs to the ex-vice president’s son, Hunter, in exchange for outsourcing American jobs to the communists. That all ended on the election night 2016, and it has been a civil war in the nation’s capital ever since. But no one could have imagined the halls of Congress would play host to kangaroo courts aimed at erasing the 2016 election results.

The U.S. has gone down the impeachment process three times targeting Presidents Andrew Jackson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton. In all three cases, a public vote was cast to determine whether the House would proceed. During the hearings, the president had counsel president. Both parties and the White House were able to call and question witnesses. The Schiff hearings are entirely secretive. He and other radical Democrats have set the nation on a dark path.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just decreed an impeachment inquiry and gave the power to Adam Schiff. It was always the Judiciary Committee that ran things, but now Adam Schiff is running things behind closed doors. That was never done before,” Minority Whip Scalise reportedly said. “There were TV cameras in the room for Nixon, by the way. For young viewers, you can watch the Nixon videos. People watch them. You also watched the Clinton proceedings. (Schiff’s) not allowing anybody to watch.”

There’s little doubt that Schiff is holed-up in his political bunker intent on smearing President Trump in hopes of swaying the 2020 elections. Americans now have a patriotic duty to vote Democrats out of power and restore fundamental fairness.

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