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It’s That Time of Year Again — ‘Woke’ Liberals CANCEL Halloween Costumes

Halloween is becoming increasingly challenging for parents, since today’s “woke” environment and buzzwords make it difficult to find a costume that is not offensive to someone. Traditional costumes are out — from cowboys and Indians to police officers and sports stars, many familiar costumes are now on the outs, thanks to the “woke” climate.

One of the worst costumes at all appears to be a traditional American Indian in historic dress. For many progressives, this costume in particular offers horrors — it combines cultural appropriation with our nations “shameful” history and kids should not be encouraged — or even allowed– to dress as Indians on Halloween, according to wokesters.

It didn’t take long for news outlets like Breitbart to notice a disparity in the way the woke movement treats Indian Halloween costumes – and those who masquerade as Native Americans every day, most noticeably, Elizabeth Warren.

According to Breitbart’s John Nolte:

“These Woke Puritans on the left claim to be all about racial sensitivity, about opposing white privilege, about not offending people of color. They’re so rabid they swarm to attack nobody high schoolers who wear “problematic” prom dresses, white college kids who wear dreadlocks, even children who trick-or-treat as an Indian chief or an Eskimo or a Mexican bandit or an Arab.”

But Elizabeth Warren, who for decades pretended to be of Native American descent, gets a pass from the same woke individuals who shun small kids for choosing Halloween costumes that trigger outrage in progressives.

Nolte continues:

“Explain to me just how in the hell a kid in a sombrero is ‘problematic’ and not a 70-year-old white woman who spent decades wearing the equivalent of ‘redface’ to advance herself?”

For years, Warren has pretended to be a Cherokee Indian – and despite an actual DNA test proving she is not, still fails to admit the sham. Despite this, Warren has never been targeted by those same wokesters that will happily complain about “redface” when a six year old wears a paper head dress for Halloween.

For those who get so upset over Halloween costumes and Native American inspired fashion and jewelry, accusing those who wear these pieces of cultural appropriation, there is nothing but silence when it comes to Elizabeth Warren. Warren has actually leveraged her masquerade to pander for votes and to advance her own agendas, but the real villains are the kids and adults accused of “cultural appropriation” for hairstyles, jewelry or clothing inspired by Native Americans.

The disparity between the two reactions is truly jarring, and while the child dressed as an Indian could be labeled as a racist in redface, Warren could be in line to secure the Democratic presidential nomination. The selective application of outrage is in itself outrageous and shines a spotlight on who gets accused of racism and insensitivity — and who gets a free pass — in our new “woke” world.

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