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“Equality Act”: Democrat Bill Strips Rights Away from Parents

For a piece of legislation so innocuously named, The Equality Act is pretty detestable. Though the legislation’s purpose sounds innocent enough, “to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, gender and identity, and sexual orientation,” it is anything but virtuous. In fact, according to Representative Vicky Hartzler, the act would lead “to the death of women’s rights.” Star Parker of the Daily Signal added “religious freedom goes out the window if this bill becomes law.”

Unlike typical legislation peddled by left-wing ideologues, H.R.5, is being criticized even by those on the left. Jennifer Chavez, who is a board member of Women’s Liberation Front, recently spoke about the dangers of the act. She explained how this legislation would cause children to be exposed to the excessively transgender agenda, likely without their parents even being aware.

“Here in the United States, very few journalists with national reach and national name recognition are willing to even touch the issue of gender identity and transgender movement—unless it’s in a completely 110% supportive way,” she said.

She went on to explain how women lose if this bill becomes law.

“When you search the term ‘transgender’ or ‘gender identity’ in say, The New York Times or The Washington Post, you see story after story of sappy hero stories or heart-wrenching stories about children,” she added. “But what you don’t see here are the opposing views of women who are raising concerns…about this ideology and the increasing number of young women who did at one point identify as transgender and have now dissented and who are now saying that there are serious problems with the movement and its ideas. And that’s manifesting ideas that are really very harmful to young girls who are vulnerable.”

Chavez continued to explain that schools are already cutting families out of the loop, and will most certainly utilize the Equality Act to push parents further away from the educational process.

“What we’re seeing in schools is not just a push to support children and nurture them and accept their questions…but instead, what we’re seeing is an aggressive push to dictate a particular way of looking at it — a way that says that if you have a feeling that you might be the opposite sex — if you really identify with the stereotypical things that are associated with the opposite sex — then you may actually, in fact, be the opposite sex,” she said.

This is of course a terrifying prospect for parents who already feel classrooms have been hijacked by the LGBT agenda.

According to many studies, some 88% of gender-confused girls and 98% of gender-confused boys end up accepting their biological sex once they go through puberty. This means that confused children often become even more confused by schools pushing the LGBT agenda.

“You can see it in school policies,” Chavez points out. “For example, in the policy of the school where my child attends, it’s written right up there that if my child were to tell a teacher that he identifies as the opposite sex and said he didn’t want me to know, the teachers at the school would be prohibited from telling me. So there could be something really serious that my child was going through…and he’s trying to deal with, but I wouldn’t even know it.”

Though the promotion of the LGBT agenda in schools is just one aspect of the Equality Act, it alone should be enough for parents to push back against its passage. Members of Congress need to hear from parents who are tired of their power being taken away when it comes to handling issues affecting their children’s wellbeing.

~ Patriotic Freedom Fighter

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