This is How You Know Trump KILLED IT with His SOTU Speech

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump surprised critics and supporters alike by delivering a profoundly well-written and unifying State of the Union address. The best way to gauge just how effective the speech was is to simply observe how those who hate Trump the most are reacting.

In the modern political age, major events like State of the Union speeches or run-of-the-mill national addresses (of which POTUS has made just one) are met with memes and fluffy think pieces within hours after their completion. Often times, the focus is on the context or content of the event itself: gaffes, stronger-than-usual rhetoric, or unpopular political positions are usually the targets. This time it was different: left-wing journos had nothing better to do than obsess over how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi clapped after Trump was finished speaking.

Here are some of the most glaringly bizarre headlines:

  • ‘Queen of Condescending Applause’: Nancy Pelosi clapped at Trump, and the Internet lost it< (The Washington Post)
  • Nancy Pelosi’s ‘sarcastic’ clapping steals Trump’s thunder at State of the Union address (The Independent)
  • Nancy Pelosi’s enigmatic golf clap at Trump was at least as memorable as Trump’s State of the Union speech (The Week)
  • Nancy Pelosi and the Sarcastic Point Clapback Heard Round the World (Slate)
  • Nancy Pelosi’s Literal Clap Back at Trump is The Most Iconic Moment of the Night (HuffPost)

So, between the president’s points about how legal immigrants are hurt by illegal border crossings, the vicious and violent drug trade at the southern border, the horrifying uptick of human trafficking, or the outstanding state of the economy — liberals are zeroing in on how Pelosi appeared to sarcastically clap afterwards. Fascinating.

This media blitz also skips over the real story of the night: Democratic lawmakers who thought they were changing the world by wearing white dresses, remained firmly seated as Republicans cheered for disabled Americans entering the work force today than at any point in the country’s history. They also refused to applaud for another report of record unemployment. Essentially, anything positive was actually a negative, because the man speaking has said some mean things on the internet.

Democrats did, however, stand and high-five one another when President Trump mentioned that there are more women in Congress than ever before. Yes — House Democrats were unmoved by more Americans working and supporting themselves, but were happy to jump up and down to the tune of their own success. It’s not clear if the president did this on purpose to expose just how arrogant Democrats have become, but the footage is excellent material for his 2020 campaign ads.

President Trump has a real opportunity to capitalize on what happened on Tuesday. His speech was by any account a return to normalcy. Aside from his quick jabs at Congress over the ongoing investigation into his campaign, Trump’s speech left the average viewer with the simple message that America is uniquely amazing place to live. Sure, he did do the usual rounds of asking Congress to support his agenda — the usual message of any State of the Union address — but he did so in the midst of an homage to the country’s founding principles.

Considering this, it’s no wonder why the media is fixed on Pelosi’s behavior rather than Trump’s words — because debating them would be the same as debating America’s greatness itself. That’s not exactly a popular position.

~ Patriotic Freedom Fighter.

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